GE Monogram Side-by-Side 30+ cu ft Stainless Dispensing Refrigerator ZISP480DXSS & ZISS480DXSS

Energy Star®  :  Advanced Temp System :  Halogen Lighting

Energy Star® : Advanced Temp System : Halogen Lighting

Energy Star®  :  Advanced Temp System :  Halogen Lighting

Integrated (ZISP480DXSS) and (ZISS480DXSS) Professional

There are a few, very minor differences between the GE INTEGRATED design(ZISS480DXSS) and the PROFESSIONAL design(ZISP480DXSS) Side-by-Side dispensing refrigerator, both are part of the famous Monogram series that combines high class cold storage with excellent good looks.
This model is beautifully illuminated throughout with Halogen Lighting and there is an Advanced Temperature Management System, which provides an even temperature throughout both compartments.
A stylish through the door TALL dispenser come in a smart black, contrasting with the Stainless Steel finish and provides both cubed and crushed filtered ice and water.
This Energy Star® compliant refrigerator has a good range of storage and bins which make the organization of this refrigerator very convenient.

    Interior Features

  • ADVANCED TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT: You will be sure of your food being kept in the optimum condition with this system with its Multi-Shelf Air Management Tower and its Electronic Sensors. This provides even distribution of chilled air throughout the refrigerator cabinet.
  • CONTROLS: The Upfront Electronic controls are Digital and there is a Temperature Display for quick and easy reference.
  • DISPENSER with Proximity Sensor: This dispensing refrigerator has a contrasting Black Extra-Tall dispenser which produce fresh, filtered Cubes, Crushed Ice and Chilled Water. This sophisticated dispenser comes with Child; Lock; Dispenser Light; Door Alarm and a Water Filter Indicator Light, all of which contribute to the ease of use and efficient food management.
  • HUMIDITY-CONTROLLED Vegetable Drawer: Part of the storage facilities, this drawer has a High Humidity Sealed for best preservation and longer lasting freshness.
    Energy Star®: You have an energy efficient refrigerator here which will save you up to 20% on the running costs of your cold food storage.
    Ice-maker: The freezer section comes with the added convenience of an ice maker, which produces both crushed and cubed ice.
  • INTERIOR LIGHT: Both the refrigerator and the freezer sections come with Halogen Light Columns, with LED lighting that extends the full length of the interior compartments, to give you exceptional illumination throughout.
  • LED Lighting: This is located at the TOP of the fresh food compartment as also inside the High Humidity Climate Controlled Drawer
  • MASTER Light Control Switch: This is a useful addition to the lighting system as you have the convenience of having control over the lighting of the cabinet.
  • AUTO DEFROST: There will be no need for defrosting this cabinet as it comes with an auto defrost.
    REFRIGERATOR STORAGE: The shelving in the refrigerator compartment has Adjustable Spill-Proof Glass, which makes cleaning up unfortunate spillages so much easier. The Climate Control Drawer comes with an Express Chill, an Express Thaw, and a Select Temp for added convenience.
  • OTHER STORAGE in the refrigerator section includes: Clear Lexan Bins and Pans; a Wine Caddy; a Deli Drawer with an Adjustable Sealed; a glass covered Butter Dish; a sealed Dairy Compartment and very useful Adjustable Gallon Storage.
  • FREEZER STORAGE: There are 3 Door Bins and 2 Utility Baskets in the freezer section.
  • OPTIONAL Sabbath Mode Kit: There is an optional Sabbath mode (ZSAB1), for those that require this important facility for religious observance.

      Exterior and Contrast Features

  • There are a number of differences between the ZISS480DXSS(Integrated) and ZISP480DXSS (Professional) refrigerator:
  • DESIGN : The ZISS480DXSS refrigerator comes in an INTEGRATED design, while the ZISP480DXSS comes in a PROFESSIONAL design.
  • COLOR/APPEARANCE : The ZISS480DXSS design just comes in STANDARD Stainless Steel, while the ZISP480DXSS unit comes in 'PROFESSIONAL' Stainless Steel.
  • HANDLE : The ZISS480DXSS has a MONOGRAM TUBULAR handle, while the ZISP480DXSS comes with a Stainless Steel Monogram PROFESSIONAL Style.
  • WEIGHT : The ZISS480DXSS is 738.00 lbs while the ZISP480DXSS is 763.00 lbs.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 ¾ Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 48 Inches
    Total Volume: 30.10 cu ft
    Fresh Food Capacity 17.56 cu ft
    Freezer Capacity 12.53 cu ft


  • Extremely good lighting throughout with the Halogen is a real advantage.
  • The Temp Management system is a real advantage, giving even temp throughout.
  • There are so many advantages with this TALL DISPENSER, such as the proximity sensor, the child lock ,
  • a dispenser light
  • a door alarm and water filter indicator.
  • There are so real advantages in the storage options, with humidity controlled cabinets, glass shelving, gallon storage and a range of bins and compartments.
  • The Climate control drawer is a real advantage, as it has an express chill, and express thaw facility and a temperature select option.


  • This is a very expensive and exclusive refrigerator and far out of reach for the family or individual on a tight budget.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star®
  • Halogen lighting
  • LED lighting
  • advanced temp system
  • dispenser with proximity sensor
  • humidity crispers
  • climate control drawer
  • great bins and shelving
  • ice-maker
  • built in
  • quiet
  • good looking

  • very expensive
  • too large for small kitchen

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