GE Monogram ZICS360NXRH Built-In All-Freezer Stainless Steel 21.5 cu.ft. (humidity controlled)

Energy Star: Electronic Controls : Spill Proof Glass Shelves

Energy Star: Electronic Controls : Spill Proof Glass Shelves

Energy Star: Electronic Controls : Spill Proof Glass Shelves

ZICS360NXRH (right hinge) and (left hinge) ZICS360NXLH

The ZICS360NXRH from GE Appliances is constructed with a 21.5 Cu. ft. storage capability that can hold a month's worth of frozen food items. Specifications of this freezer would tell you that the ZIF360NXRH, in spite of its size, helps reduce the cost of electricity bills by consuming only the amount of energy that it needs. Its automatic defrost system allows you to resume your daily activities while the freezer cleans itself.

    Interior Features

  • A Water Filtration System is used to provide clean water for your refreshment or for the freezer's installed Ice Maker. The Ice Drawer is located inside the freezer and produces ice made from only filtered water.
  • The Automatic Defrost System allows the freezer to clean itself without any effort from you. The defrost system coordinates with the Temperature Management System to change temperature levels whenever the freezer needs to be defrosted.
  • The Monogram ZICS360NXRH has met the requirements to obtain an Energy Star qualification. This certificate guarantees that the model will not consume a large amount of energy that results to an increase in your electricity bills.

      Exterior Features

  • The ZICS360NXRH comes in a stainless steel color.
  • The door is fitted with a monogrammed handle built from stainless steel. It opens at a one-hundred-thirty-degree angle from the right side.
  • The freezer makes use of an Enhanced Temperature Management System, which employs "thermistors" and other digital controls, maintaining the ideal temperature for frozen products. This temperature system automatically sets the temperature to a convenient level, depending on the content of the freezer or your preferred setting.
  • A number of wire baskets and shelves are available for use to give more storage space inside the freezer. These can be organized in such a way to accommodate items that need larger space. These can also be removed when not needed.
  • The freezer is secured in place and kept sturdy on the ground by four adjustable leveling legs. The legs prevent the model from falling or from becoming unsteady because of its content.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 3/4 inches
    Height: 84 inches
    Width: 36 inches
    Total Volume: 21.5 cu. ft.


  • The freezer's construction makes it easy to set up and fit inside your kitchen.
  • An ice drawer is available for use within the freezer.
  • Temperature Management System allows you to control temperature levels and other settings with only a push of a button.
  • Its overall design and exterior are appealing to all.
  • The freezer is made from durable materials.


  • The Monogram ZICS360NXRH is very expensive.
  • It is unsuitable for individuals and for business use.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • non-space consuming
  • great storage space
  • several features
  • energy star qualified
  • automatic defrost
  • built-in icemaker
  • digital display and control panel
  • has a companion refrigerator

  • very expensive
  • high-maintenance
  • additional features cost extra

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