GE Monogram ZIFI240PII Built-In Paneled "Fresh- Food" Refrigerator 5.4 cu ft

ZIFI240PII (right hinge)    and   (left hings) ZIFI240PLII

ZIFI240PII (right hinge) and (left hings) ZIFI240PLII

ZIFI240PII (right hinge)    and   (left hings) ZIFI240PLII

This ZIFI240PII is a built in Fresh Food refrigerator module and identical in size and features to most of GE's Fresh Food refrigerator in the Monogram range.

This is a counter depth, built in refrigerator that requires door panels and has a cubic capacity of 5.4 cu ft.
There is a good range of storage bins and crispers, having glass shelving that not only are full width, but one shelf has the additional advantage of being a 'tuck away' shelf for those taller items that you need to store.
This is a quiet unit that has recessed, adjustable temperature controls and is lit with an interior lighting system.

    Interior Features

  • ELECTRONIC Temp. Control : You can maintain a consistent temperature with the adjustable temperature control.
  • LED Display : AN easy to read LED temperature displays enables you to monitor your temperature at a glance.
  • CLEAR CRISPER : With Full-extension slide, the transparent LEXAN crisper provides easy access to the crisper content.
  • Spillproof GLASS SHELVES Not only are the glass shelves Spillproof, preventing any drips from falling onto the shelf below, but they are easy to clean and REMOVABLE, making any accidental spillages easy to clean up.
  • QuickSpace SHELF : This innovative features a shelf that TUCKS AWAY to make room for tall items.
  • Other FEATURES : Removable Utility Bin; Vegetable or Fruit Crisper; Interior Lighting; Defrosting Cycle ; Recessed control panel.

      Exterior Features

  • CUSTOM-PANEL This BUILT IN, RIGHT hinged refrigerator (ZIFI240PII), with its FLUSH appearance, is designed to be CUSTOMIZED with a ¾" thick custom door panel, which the purchaser provides as an extra.
  • a LEFT hinged refrigerator (ZIFI240PLII) is also available.
  • Custom HANDLE Customers also will need to provide a custom handle
  • Insulation An energy efficient feature of the ZIFI240PII is the Foam Insulation , which is in the Cabinet and the Door
  • LEVELING System This ensure that your refrigerator is standing firm, even when the floor is a little uneven.
  • Toe KICK A good looking and contrasting toe kick is installed in black.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24. 7/8 Inches
    Height: 34 ½ Inches
    Width: 23 ¾ Inches
    Total Volume: 5.4 Cu. Ft.


  • This compact little 5.4 capacity refrigerator is ideal for small pads and offices as well as the small householder or student as it can be housed discretely in a one roomed flat or give a stylish finish with custom paneling and handles.
  • The Temperature controls are electronic, only requiring finger tip control to change the temperature to your preferred temperature.
  • The recessed location of the controls is an advantage as there are no protruding parts, giving the whole refrigerator a truly integrated ambiance.
  • There are some good organization options with this refrigerator, including a very useful container is the UTILITY BIN, and the glass Spill-proof shelves, and the TUCK AWAY shelf is truly innovative, giving room for taller items.
  • Having an interior light in a small refrigerator is a real advantage, giving good illumination.
  • Not having an icebox makes this compact refrigerator more spacious as it lets up additional storage space. throughout.


  • Although this does have foam insulation, this is not an Energy Star® cabinet.
  • Being a "all-refrigerator" this does not have a freezer section, which can be a disadvantage if this is the particular size of refrigerator that fits your requirements.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact
  • electronic controls
  • integrated recessed controls
  • Utility bin

  • Cons
  • not Energy Star®
  • no freezer section

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