GE Monogram ZISS420DXSS Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator Stainless 30.1 cu ft also ZISP420DXSS

Halogen Light Towers : Multi-Shelf Air Management Tower : Auto Defrost

Halogen Light Towers : Multi-Shelf Air Management Tower : Auto Defrost

A Integrated (ZISS420DXSS) and B Professional (ZISP420DXSS)

Identical in features and capacity, the "Integrated" ZISS420DXSS and the "Professional" ZISP420DXSS, which are both Side-by-Side dispensing refrigerator from the Monogram series, with a massive capacity of 25.5 cu ft. (differences are listed below)
Beautifully lit with Halogen light columns and LED Lighting, makes it easy to see into every nook and cranny of these stylish long and very functional,feature packed refrigerators.
This Energy Star® compliant refrigerator has an advanced Temp Management system, which maintains an even temperature throughout the cabinet as well as a Climate Controlled Drawer, which lets you express chill beverages and express thaw meats and even select specific temperatures for perishable foods.
The tall, thru the door, contrasting colored ice and water dispenser accommodates even the tallest of glasses and there is a child lock for safety and a controlled graphics light.. that automatically switches off as you walk away from the refrigerator.

    Interior Features

  • The amazing PROXIMITY SENSOR on the TALL, Door Dispenser is a truly revolutionary feature, which LIGHTS UP as you approach the refrigerator and automatically SWITCHES OFF as you go away.
  • Accommodating TALL GLASSES and producing a choice of cubed and crushed filtered ice, this dispenser is the epitome of design innovation, including a child lock, a door alarm and a water filer indicator light.
  • HALOGEN LIGHTING gives you the best possible illumination throughout the entire refrigerator and freezer sections, ensure you have a brilliant all level lighting. There is also a LED lighting located at the TOP of the fresh food compartment, and inside the HIGH HUMIDITY Climate Controlled Drawers.
  • These humidity controlled drawers ensure that your fresh produce is kept fresher for longer.
  • Being ENERGY STAR® compliant this refrigerator will save you up to 20% off your energy bills while at the same time being an environmentally friendly cold storage unit.
  • The TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT system features electronic sensors and a Multi-Shelf Air Management Tower and provides you with an even distribution of chilled air throughout your cabinet.
  • The refrigerator door has useful gallon storage and the door bins are adjustable for ease of management.
  • Fresh food feature in the cabinet also include a Glass Butter Dish, a Dairy Compartment and a Wine Caddy.
  • The shelves are SpillProof and make cleaning up those accidental spillages the simplest of tasks, preventing any mess from dropping onto the shelves below.
  • The freezer section has a total of FIVE cabinet shelves which are adjustable for your convenience. In addition there are two freezer utility baskets.

      Exterior and Contrast Features

    There are a number of differences between
    A The Integrated design (ZISS420DXSS) and
    B The Professional design ZISP420DXSS
      DESIGN :
    A The ZISS420DXSS refrigerator comes in an INTEGRATED design,
    B The ZISP420DXSS comes in a PROFESSIONAL design.
    A The ZISS420DXSS design just comes in STANDARD Stainless Steel.
    B The ZISP420DXSS unit comes in ‘PROFESSIONAL’ Stainless Steel.
      HANDLE :
    A The ZISS420DXSS has a Monogram Tubular - Stainless Steel handle.
    B The ZISP420DXSS comes with a Stainless Steel Monogram Professional Style Style.
      WEIGHT :
    A The ZISS420DXSS is 688.00 lbs
    B The ZISP420DXSS is 713.00 lbs

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 ¾ Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 42 Inches
    Total Volume: 25.5 cu. ft.
    Fresh Food Capacity 16.11 cu ft
    Freezer Capacity 9.43 cu ft


  • The LIGHTING SYSTEM is an advantage giving excellent illumination throughout
  • There is a really good range of INTERNAL STORAGE and the VERSATILITY to organize the cabinet to your own requirements.
  • The temperature management system where the air is evenly distributed makes you reassured that there are no 'hot spots' in the interior.
  • The GOOD LOOKS of this refrigerator is a great advantage for those that use their kitchen as a living area.


  • As with all the Monogram range of refrigerator this is an expensive model that is out of the price range of many people.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star®
  • digital display
  • ice-maker
  • excellent dispenser
  • good storage throughout
  • outstanding Halogen lighting
  • good looks and stylish
  • express chill and thaw

  • pricey

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