GE Profile Artica PSHS6PGZSS Energy-Star Side-by-Side Dispensing Refrigerator 25.9 cu ft

TurboCool Electronic Sensors : Integrated Shelf Support

TurboCool Electronic Sensors : Integrated Shelf Support

The GE Pofile Artica is a Side-by-side Refrigerator Freezer that looks goods and works great. Easy to clean glass shelves, with middle shelve having the ability to position taller items on the shelf below.

Multiple storage drawers with varying humidity controls help keep fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses at the optimal humidity level to keep them fresh and prolong shelf life. Bottom drawer has a programmable chill express button to help cool down foods or beverages in the smallest amount of time.

This same bottom drawer has an express thaw feature that will allow you to thaw out frozen foods safely by altering the temperature and air flow into that drawer without compromising food safety.

Two great features of this refrigerator include front door filtered water delivery system and two kinds of ice cubes - whole ice cubes and crushed ice.

Another nice feature is the ability to change the water filter to have good tasting filtered water without the hastle of lugging in cases of water to your home or having to store 5 gallon water bottle and a water dispenser.

Two drawbacks for this refrigerator would be one) the freezer space is lacking when you have larger frozen items to store - such as large frozen pizzas, ice cream cakes and the like. The drawers in the freezer are nice by the sliding mechanism of the drawers seem to take up a lot of what could be usable space in the freezer - thus the lack of space. The second drawback for this refrigerator is the textures of the door handles.

Although it is nice to have a texture on the front doors of the refrigerator to help avoid figure prints and smudges - any dirt that is left on your hands seem to be attracted to the textured handle and it always seems dirty and can be somewhat difficult to clean.|

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