GE "Profile" PSB48YGXSV 48" Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Light Wood Finish) 29.5 cu ft

Electronic Dispenser : Dual Evaporators : NeverClean Condenser

Electronic Dispenser : Dual Evaporators : NeverClean Condenser

The PSB48YGXSV is a Side-By-Side Refrigerator from GE that comes in a Light Wood Finish and an array of useful features that will help you store items with ease. These include the ClimateKeeper system with DUAL EVAPORATORS, Spill-Proof Glass Shelving, and Tilt Freezer Containers. The unit comes with a LARGE interior to allow you more flexibility in storage.

    Interior Features

  • Convenience features that allow easy storage include the GALLON BINS for storing gallon containers, the slide out freezer baskets for easier access to stored items in the freezer as well as ample freezing space, and the Spill-Proof Glass Shelving that easily slide in and out.
  • The unit also comes with WATER FILTRATION and dispensing features, which gives you clean water through the soft-touch dispenser. The Quick Ice option will give you ice in half the time it takes regular models from other brands.
  • Keep the contents of the unit and the settings secure with the CHILD LOCK system and DOOR ALARM that lets you know if the door is ajar. Feel secure knowing that your food is safe with the ClimateKeeper feature with Dual Evaporators, which provides the interior with two climate settings.

      Exterior Features

  • The built-in configuration gives you that built-in look without the added expense. The unit comes in a Light Wood Finish, but other paneled colors and finishes are available.
  • The PSB48YGXSV also comes with EXTERNAL CONTROLS that let you program settings with ease.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 27 inches
    Height: 84 inches
    Width: 48 inches
    Fresh food capacity: 18.7 cu. ft.
    Freezer capacity: 10.9 cu. ft.
    Shelf area: 28.2 sq. ft.
    Total capacity: 29.5 cu. ft.


  • The APPEARANCE is what most customers like about this unit. The Light Wood Finish is great for country kitchens and the built-in configuration gives the flexibility of a flush design that helps it blend well with the rest of the cabinetry.
  • The unit is very RELIABLE, goes on for years without the need for repairs.
  • The shallow shelves mean that everything is visible up front so no items get forgotten because they are hidden by other items in front. The Spill-Proof Glass Shelving also slides out and stays put.


  • The ice maker tends to clog on some occasions.
  • The items on the bottom shelf tend to BLOCK THE DOOR even if they are not sticking out. You need to push the bottom shelf all the way in to make sure that the door will close.
  • The ICE MAKER tends to Frost Up the mouth of the container and the ice cubes have an annoying habit of sticking together so that they end up forming ice blocks.
  • The ALARM does not go off on occasion.
  • The LIGHT is larger on the lower shelf, which eats up space and limits what you can store in there.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • attractive light wood finish
  • reliable, no need for repairs with years of good service
  • shallow shelves make every item accessible
  • good temperature control
  • good storage options


  • ice maker tends to clog on ocassion
  • items on bottom shelf blocks the door
  • ice maker tends to cause frost buildup

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