GE Profile PSI23NG Free-Standing Side-By-Side (Ice Maker) Refrigerator BS 22.6 cu ft

Automatic Ice-Maker

Automatic Ice-Maker

We own a stainless steel GE profile side-by-side fridge. I must say that of all our kitchen GE profile appliances this is my least favorite. While it does look nice and it has key features that I could not live without, like an ice-maker, it is also a very unpractical model with very small room for food storage inside. There is a lot of thought put into shopping for food for a family of 4 because of this factor. We have also had problems with the temperature fluctuating a lot and have cleaned/dusted the back panel where the air-intake part is several times, which seems to help this problem for a while.

The freezer capacity is also incredible small and the ice maker replenishes ice very slowly, even in the fast ice mode. The plastic panel on the freezer side is a bit flimsy and the buttons we use the most have broken through the plastic. The rubber ring through which ice flows through has also come unglued and needs to be reattached.

The bottom drawer of the fridge is also broken and doesn't slide in and out like it should. This is not to say that we are misusing or abusing this appliance at all, it just seems to be breaking all the time.

For the two things I like the most about this fridge I would say are the door alarm feature, which comes in very hands with small children, as well as the digital display/control panel located inside the fridge at the very top, away from the access of children.

The two things I do not like is the overall reliability of this appliance, something comes off or breaks all the time and the lack of inside space.
On a scale of 1-5 I would rate this appliance a 1.5, maybe a 2.

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