GE Refrigerator with freezer on top - 1977 model

by Joyce
(Houston, TX, USA)

In 1977, I bought a 14 cu. ft. frost-free GE refrigerator with freezer on top. It has none of the extra frills. In fact, I did not even want an ice maker at that time. It has ice trays.

It is now 34 years later, and I have only had to have this refrigerator serviced twice so far in its lifetime. The second time was only three weeks ago. It was still running, but the freezer was not freezing anymore. I thought since it was 34 years old, I would probably have to replace it, but decided to have a repairman look at it anyway. Come to find out, the only thing that was wrong with it was that two tiny little mice had gotten caught in the fan blade of the motor. This was keeping the fan from running at full capacity. Once the repairman cleaned out the two mice and cleared away the pet hair and debrix that had accumulated under the refrigerator, it runs as good as new. In fact, it seems to run much quieter than it has in several years. (I suppose this shows I should try to move it and clean underneath it more often.)

I just wanted to tell you about this refrigerator because back in 1977, GE products were American made and they were made very well. I don't know whether or not they are American made anymore, but if not, I think we should return to making more of our own products. It is true that if they were American made, they may cost a little more, but when we can get appliances to work excellently for 34 years, I feel, it is well worth the few extra dollars. In addition to that, it would create more jobs for all Americans, which we are in dire need of. Our country has become a service country, but in addition to that, we need to return to being a producing country as well. Americans, in the past, have always taken pride in producing excellent quality materials and other goods and this 34 year old GE refrigerator is an example of what we can do.

--A very proud GE customer

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