GE Side by Side GSS25WSTA Side-by-Side Dispensing Refrigerator 18.2 cu ft

adjustable glass door shelves

adjustable glass door shelves

My refrigerator came with a GE appliance package I bought with my new home.

After 3 years I am pretty satisfied with it. I like that fact that is so adjustable. It is easy to pull out the shelves the place them where I want for my refrigerator has a lot of options as to where to place the shelves. It also comes with an adjustable deli drawer and a vegetable and fruit drawer that are not adjustable.

There are also adjustable door shelves that can hold quite a few condiments and smaller jars. There is an egg compartment that keeps them protected from being smashed and a shelf to place soda cans which keeps them out of the way.

The glass shelves do clean easily with a bit of soap and water. They have a small lip around the edges so that any spill stay contained with that shelf. The freezer is of decent capacity though I wish it was just a bit wider.

The ice maker sometimes takes too long the grind ice but that may be because I don?t often get ice from it. The water dispenser does provide a lot of cold water before reducing down to room temperature.

The exterior of my refrigerator is stainless steel, which looks great most of the time but is at times difficult to keep it clean because it will show any smudge.

The refrigerator comes with a couple neat features like a child lock, digital thermometer, and a light to show when the water filter needs replacing.

Overall I?m quite satisfied with my GE refrigerator.

Easy to clean the interior and easy to adjust shelves

Freezer is a bit narrow and the ice maker is not the greatest

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Feb 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have NO complaints about my refrigerator/freezer. I have no issues with the ice dispenser or water dispenser. With the removable glass shelves and removable shelves in the door make for easy cleaning your kitchen sink.

May 17, 2011
Bad electronics in ice-maker and water dispenser
by: Gss25wstass Owner

Give your GE refrigerator time, you will discover a flaw in the electrical unit on the door which governs the ice maker and water dispenser. It will begin to flash zeros and will be utterly unresponsive due to condensation on the connectors within the door itself. No part can be purchased to fix this. You will have to cut the connectors and splice in wire yourself or live without water and remove the massive ice container just to remove a couple cubes of ice.

I liked my GE GSS25WSTA SS ok too for the first 4 years but now, not so much.


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