GE TFX22ZPBG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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The refrigerator is a side by side. I really like that there is an ice and water dispenser on the freezer door. This eliminates the need for ice cube trays that can take up extra space.

The ice maker makes it easy because it controls the amount of ice and continues to make more until the tray is full. The dispenser also has the option for crushed ice which we prefer for some types of drinks. Another nice feature about the refrigerator is the convertible meat pan.

There is a humidity control that allows it to be used for meat, fruits or vegetables. This is a great feature because it allows different options for the tray depending on what our needs are. Many refrigerators that we looked at did not have this option and it makes it difficult if you have more of one item and need more space. If the trays are not able to be converted to accommodate food items then you are limited on space for what you need. I do not like the limited freezer space. Frozen pizzas and larger items do not fit well because of the limited width of the freezer. Because of the lack of freezer space it was necessary for us to purchase an additional upright deepfreeze.

There is also an issue with the texture on the handles of both the freezer and the refrigerator doors. They have become stained and will not come clean. Since the refrigerator is white the stains are very noticeable and very unsightly. I have tried several types of cleaner, including very harsh cleaners and the stains still remain.

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