Haier ESCM050EC Energy Star® Flat-Back Design Chest Freezer (5-cu ft)

Holds Approximately 175 lbs :  Removable Basket

Holds Approximately 175 lbs : Removable Basket

This free-standing chest freezer has a mechanical temperature control dial with power indicator. With its 5.0 cubic feet of storage space, this unit can be used to keep up to 175 lbs. of food. It is energy-efficient and is Energy Star compliant.

    Interior Features

  • The chest size offers just the exact freezer storage for average to big families. Equipped with a removable basket, the freezer gives space for items that need accessibility. The height allows space for tall items.

  • Food can be easily stored inside the freezer's 5.0 cubic feet chest. The ample space gives room for boxed frozen items and food with irregular shapes and sizes. It is advisable to keep food wrapped in proper wrapping materials such as plastic containers with air-tight lids, heavyweight aluminum foil, freezer bags, saran cling wrap, and plastic bags with seals.
  • The temperature comes in 7 levels. This freezer uses manual defrosting and has to be cleaned whenever the frost reaches º inch in thickness.

      Exterior Features

  • Placed at the bottom front part of the freezer body is the mechanical temperature control with indicator light. The dial is labeled from 0 to 8. These numbers consist of the 7 temperature settings (1-7) and the ì0î is for shutting off the unit.
  • The Easy-Access Defrost Drain is used for easy defrosting and cleaning. This device is located at the side of the freezer cabinet and consists of a drain and a drain plug. To drain the water from the unit, simply place a tray underneath the drain and pull the plug out.
  • This 28 3/8 wide freezer will fit in a small kitchen. It has a flat-top cover that can be used as spare counter space. This stand-alone appliance comes in White.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/16 Inches
    Height: 33 1/4 Inches
    Width: 28 3/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 5.0 cu ft


  • With the huge 5.0 cubic feet capacity and compact design, this freezer is ideal for a large family with small kitchen.
  • Equipped with the mechanical adjustment, the freezer's 7 temperature settings can be programmed without difficulty.
  • The removable wire basket can supply storage space for items that need ease of access.
  • Irregularly packaged food can be stored securely inside the tall freezer chest.
  • The unit maintains its cold temperature efficiently because the high pressure foam cover.
  • It is rated with Energy Star Compliancy and uses up less energy than the average freezers.


  • To retrieve frozen food stashed at the bottom of the freezer, one must bend down deep into the chest.
  • Fitted with only one basket, the freezer can be more convenient to use if it has two or more removable baskets.
  • If it needs to be cleaned, the freezer must be defrosted manually, which will take hours in process.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • has a removable vinyl-coated wire basket
  • ideal freezer for large families
  • can be easily drained with Easy-Access Defrost Drain
  • its compact-size makes it ideal for small kitchens
  • with 7 temperature settings
  • with power indicator light
  • adjustable thermostat
  • holds up to 175 lbs. of frozen items
  • Energy Star-rated

  • hard to retrieve or organize food
  • has only one removable basket
  • manual defrosting

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