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Haier has built a solid reputation for building COMPACT refrigerators and freezers for space -challenged consumers, especially apartment dwellers. This is a lesser-known brand that is concentrating most of its range of products on compact units although Haier is the fourth largest manufacturer of white goods worldwide and now they are producing whole-size refrigerators along with compact refrigerators.

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Haier HUM013EA 1.3 cu ftCompact Upright Freezer "Flat Back Design" 
The noticeably smaller size of the HUM013EA, a model of freezers by Haier, is something that instantly sets it apart from the other freezers available …

HAIER ESCM050EC Not rated yet
Triping out breaker,is new breaker 20amp .1year old chest freezer from bi mart

Haier HNCM070E Chest Freezer with Removable Basket 7 cu ft Not rated yet
Store up to 245 lbs. of frozen food in this freestanding chest freezer. It has 7 temperature levels that can be adjusted with the control dial. The Easy-Access …

Haier HNCM053E Chest Freezer with Removable Basket 5.3 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
The compact size and flat-back design of this freezer fits neatly into a corner, and at the same time giving an ample 5.0 cubic feet of storage space. …

Haier ESCM050EC Energy StarĀ® Flat-Back Design Chest Freezer (5-cu ft)  Not rated yet
This free-standing chest freezer has a mechanical temperature control dial with power indicator. With its 5.0 cubic feet of storage space, this unit can …

Haier HNCM035E 3.5 cu ft "FLAT BACK" White Chest Freezer Not rated yet
This chest freezer has a mechanical temperature control dial. The unit can store up to 122.5 lbs. of food, with or without the removable wire basket. Its …

White Haier LW145AW "DUEL" Access with "Bottom Drawer " Chest Freezer (5.1cu ft) Not rated yet
The LW145AW is a chest freezer made by Haier. This COMPACT freezer is recommended for users who would like to have a freezer that's compact and personal …

Haier HCM050EC Capacity 5.0 cu. ft. (Space-Saving : Flat-Back Design) Deep Chest Freezer  Not rated yet
The Haier 5 cubic ft. deep freezer is a compact deep freeze that can easily hold up to 175 pounds of frozen food, which is great for holidays, when …

Haier HUM013EA 1.3-cu.-ft. Compact Space-Saver Upright Freezer Not rated yet
I purchased this Haier Upright Freezer when I first moved into my dorm room during my freshmen year in college. At first I didn't know what to expect because …

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Freezer Overview


Different Types of Haier Freezers and their Key Features

Haier produces upright and chest freezers that are both compact in design. Upright freezers from Haier are smaller than their counterparts from other brands. Haier produces with automatic and manual defrost systems and space-saving designs.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers are small but allow for VERTICAL STACKING of food items. They are designed for PRACTICAL FUNCTIONALITY with REVERSIBLE DOORS with RECESSED HANDLES for convenient placement almost everywhere. Upright freezers are more expensive compared to the chest freezers and they tend to have more trouble in keeping constant temperatures.

Chest freezers

Haier chest models also come with MANUAL DEFROST FEATURES and are small so finding items is not a problem. Chest freezers from Haier are durable, are easy to defrost manually and come in either white or black.

Chest models are more RELIABLE in keeping TEMPERATURES constant, and they are often less expensive. The chest model is extremely easy to defrost manually for its size, and retrieving items from chest models are also easy because they are not too deep or too large.

Popular Haier Models and Main Features

Popular Upright Freezers

A popular upright freezer from Haier is the SC-260 which sports a transparent glass door, an elegant design, a spacious holding compartment and a colorful exterior. The unit sports a holding compartment with 0-10 degrees Centigrade and a relative humidity of 65%.

The HUM013EA 1-2/7-Cubic-Foot Compact Space-Saver Upright Freezer comes with a full-width coated wire shelf that slides out for easy access and can be removed for storing smaller items. There is an adjustable thermostat for customized temperature control and a manual defrost system. It comes with 1.3 cu. ft. of capacity and holds up to 46 pounds of food.

Another favorite of apartment owners is the Haier HNSB0 which has a larger capacity at 1.7 cu. ft. with a slide out wire shelf, door storage shelving , half width freezer compartment, a 7-setting adjustable thermostat, and a reversible with a recessed door handle for easy storage. With its small compact size the HNSB0 is perfect for offices as well.

Popular Chest Freezers

The Haier SD-242C is a popular unit that sports a supporting plate thermostat, deep and quick freezing as well as a transparent sliding lid. Another great unit is the HCF288H-2 which sports a deep and quick freezing unit, a a square cabinet and a square lid, mechanical temperature controls, with power indicators, a high pressure foam cover for efficient temperature, preservation, and a wide climate zone design.

The HCF228G(2) is another popular unit, a small chest freezer with a 199 L capacity, with deep and quick freezing, a holding compartment with a temperature range of 0-10 degrees centigrade and a relative humidity of 65%. It has an eximous water disposal device and wide climate zone design.

The HCF228G(1) comes in a white finish with a square cabinet and a square lid, deep and quick freezing, mechanical temperature controls with a power indicator and a high pressure format cover for efficient temperature preservation. It also sports the customary eximious water disposal device and a wide climate zone design.

Another popular option for a chest freezer is the HNCM053E with a capacity of 5.3 cu. ft., a REMOVABLE BASKET . This model holds approximately 159 pounds of food, as well as a MANUAL DEFROST FEATURE and an Easy-Access DEFROST DRAIN. This freezer has a useful Power-On INDICATOR LIGHT and an you can regulate the temperature with the ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT control. In addition this model sports a space saving FLAT BACK DESIGN.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Haier units are VERY QUIET, are known for their RELIABLE PERFORMANCE, and for simple SPACE SAVING DESIGN which makes them easy to store anywhere.

  • Haier units also come in VARIOUS FINISHES, and you can choose among plain white or black or colorful CUSTOMIZED FINISHES.

  • The units are PERFECT for families of two, dorm rooms and apartments.

  • With its small COMPACT DESIGN Haier has surprisingly achieved relatively LARGE INNER SPACES for maximum STORAGE.

  • Haier freezers are DURABLE and WORK PERFECTLY WELL even after long periods of shipping.

  • They work right out of the box, SIMPLE ASSEMBLY of wirings required and cool stored items fast.


  • Because Haier produces SMALL and COMPACT UNITS those looking for regular stand-alone freezers to accommodate a regular family may not find what they are looking for in Haier freezers.

  • Haier has a less-than-desired reputation for PACKAGING its units so that some orders tend to arrive at customer's doorsteps with dents.

  • There could be problems with the DEFROST SYSTEM in some models.

  • Some customers report of a loud GURGLING SOUND every time the unit kicks in, and the sound can be pretty loud.

  • Finally, units tend to LOOK FLIMSY and NOT VERY WELL-MADE, which is a major disadvantage for some.

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