Haier HCM050EC Capacity 5.0 cu. ft. (Space-Saving : Flat-Back Design) Deep Chest Freezer

Adjustable Thermostat Control

Adjustable Thermostat Control

The Haier 5 cubic ft. deep freezer is a compact deep freeze that can easily hold up to 175 pounds of frozen food, which is great for holidays, when the grocery store has a special, or people who just like to buy in bulk.

The flat back design is also a great space-saver. One of the better qualities of the Haier deep freezer is that is has an automatic thermostat, which means that you don't have to worry about checking the temperature or making a lot of adjustments based on what you plan to freeze. Simply set the thermostat for the required temperature and it will maintain that temperature on its own.

Also, it has a removable basket which is great for people who are going to use this freezer to store a whole lot of stuff. The basket makes organizing the contents super easy. It can be used to hold little things out of the way or completely taken out for bigger items. One of the more negative qualities, however, is that it is a little noisy, so it's not a great item to be placing near the dining table or anywhere quiet time may be expected. It can definitely interrupt a quiet conversation.

Also, this little deep freeze is great for freezing but is easily damaged. When shipped, it has to be shipped freight and it's not uncommon to receive one that has been dented or banged up. The control panel is especially fragile and can be dented or damaged simply from regular household use.

Overall, however, this small freezer earns a 4 out of 5 rating.

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