Haier HNCM035E 3.5 cu ft "FLAT BACK" White Chest Freezer

Holds Approx 122 lbs : Removable Basket

Holds Approx 122 lbs : Removable Basket

This chest freezer has a mechanical temperature control dial. The unit can store up to 122.5 lbs. of food, with or without the removable wire basket. Its compact and flat-back design fits neatly against the wall or corner, to save space.

    Interior Features

  • The average chest size provides just the right storage space for a small family. Like most chest freezers, this one is equipped with a removable basket, for food items that need easy access. The basket is made of vinyl-coated wire to prevent rust formation.

  • Food items that come in different-sized packages can be stored snugly inside the 3.5 cubic feet chest. Recommended packaging includes: air-tight plastic containers, heavy duty aluminum foil, saran plastic wrap, heavy duty plastic bags with seals and zipper freezer bags.
  • The freezer temperature ranges in 7 levels, number 1 for being the warmest and 7 the coldest. This unit has to be manually defrosted every time the frost reaches º inch thick.

      Exterior Features

  • The adjustable temperature dial is placed in front of the freezer cabinet, together with two indicator lights. The red light is to indicate that the freezer power is on, while the green one indicates freezer compressor function. Dial setting has 8 options: the 7 temperature setting and the one labeled with ì0î means ìOFFî.
  • The Easy-access Defrost Drain is located at the side of the freezer cabinet. This device is used for efficient defrosting. By pulling out the drain plug, water will flow out from inside the defrosting freezer chest directly to a tray placed beneath the drain.
  • Taking up just about 4 square feet of kitchen space, this compact-size freezer is ideal for apartments and studio-type units. This model is to be used as a free-standing appliance only. Available color is White.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/16 Inches
    Height: 32 5/8 Inches
    Width: 22 º Inches
    Total Volume: 3.5 cu ft


  • The basket can provide storage for items that need accessibility, and can be easily removed when not in use.
  • With its 3.5 cubic feet capacity, the freezer is ideal for a couple or a small family.
  • The freezer has 7 temperature settings and will retain the selected temperature automatically.
  • Provided with the Easy-Access Defrost Drain, the freezer is easier to defrost and clean.
  • The unit is usually very quiet when operating, or will only release occasional vibrating sound.
  • Every space in the chest freezer is usable.
  • The unit holds its cold temperature well because of its built-in side wall insulation.


  • Like other chest freezers, this model calls for a lot of bending down.
  • Because this unit only has a single basket, it is harder to organize food items.
  • An Energy Star-compliant appliance ensures energy-efficiency. Unfortunately, this unit is not awarded with the Energy Star seal.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • has a removable wire basket
  • wire basket is vinyl-coated for corrosion-proofing
  • perfect freezer capacity for a small family
  • equipped with Easy-Access Defrost Drain for easy cleaning
  • ideal for apartment use
  • with 7 temperature settings
  • indicator lights
  • mechanical temperature adjustment dial
  • holds up to 122.5 lbs. of frozen food items

  • is not Energy Star rated
  • hard to organize food
  • retrieving items will mean a lot of bending down

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