Haier HNCM053E Chest Freezer with Removable Basket 5.3 Cu. Ft.

Adjustable Thermostat : Manual Defrost

Adjustable Thermostat : Manual Defrost

The compact size and flat-back design of this freezer fits neatly into a corner, and at the same time giving an ample 5.0 cubic feet of storage space. Its adjustable thermostat control lets the owner choose from its 7 temperature levels. The removable basket is handy for storing food items that come in delicate packaging, or need easy access.

    Interior Features

  • The capacity of this freezer holds roughly 175 lbs. of frozen goods. It presents just the right size of storage for typical big families. This kind of freezer is suitable for those who like buying in bulk and for those who love cooking.

  • Its removable basket is useful for small items such as frozen peas, herbs, or frozen stock. It allows organizing of food stocks. Food items that have shorter shelf life could be placed in the basket for easy retrieval.
  • To keep food longer, the freezer should have a stable freezing temperature. This freezer temperature can be easily set using the control knob. There are 7 levels of temperature for this unit. Once the temperature is selected, the automatic thermostat will maintain that temperature until the user manually adjusts it again.

      Exterior Features

  • The mechanical temperature control of the freezer is placed at the bottom front part of its cabinet. It comes with a signal light, which indicates if the power is ON. The temperature control is actually a dial labeled with 0-7. The dial can be set to turn the power OFF.
  • Cleaning and defrosting is done by simply pulling the plug from the Easy-Access Defrost Drain and placing a tray under it. This system saves the user from the old fashioned sponge-and-bucket defrosting.
  • The flat-top of the freezer lid is useful as spare kitchen space. Its 28 3/8 wide body and flat-back make the unit easy to fit in any corner or against a wall. The freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated area and must be used only as a freestanding appliance. This product comes only in White.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/16 Inches
    Height: 33 1/4 Inches
    Width: 28 3/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 5.0 cu ft


  • Perfect for big families with small kitchen space, this freezer offers huge storage capacity but takes up just a little floor space.
  • The freezer's temperature is easily adjusted using the control knob.
  • The detachable basket is functional for keeping regularly used items accessible.
  • Virtually every inch of this freezer is utilizable.
  • Temperature setting is maintained by the freezer's automatic thermostat.
  • The high pressure foam insulation retains the freezer's coldness, making it more energy-efficient.
  • Large freezers like this allow the owner to buy in bulk, thus saving more money in the long run.


  • Unlike upright freezers, chest freezers require the user to bend down when retrieving items.
  • Manual defrosting could take hours to finish.
  • The freezer could be noisy at times, especially when the compressor is starting up.
  • The unit is not Energy Star rated.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • with a detachable vinyl-coated wire basket
  • perfect for large families with small space
  • easy cleaning
  • with 7 temperature settings
  • with power indicator light
  • will fit food packages that come in irregular sizes and shapes
  • adjustable thermostat
  • stores up to 175 lbs. of food

  • food stashed at the bottom part is hard to retrieve
  • needs another set of basket
  • manual defrosting takes longer time

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