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Hotpoint is a manufacturer of freezer units that come with a good mix of STYLE and FUNCTIONALITY. Hotpoint freezers come in various capacities and designs. Hotpoint freezers are also more AFFORDABLE compared to other more well known brands yet offer the same kind of RELIABILITY and EFFICIENCY. Hotpoint is known for producing units and models with NO-NONSENSE FEATURES so you pay for the basic features that you know you will need and none of the ‘frilly bells and whistles’ that make other brands of freezers very expensive.

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Hotpoint FZA34G Under Counter Freezer SILVER 78 litres Not rated yet
This smart looking SILVER Freezer is the Hotpoint FZA34G Under Counter model with a cubic capacity of 78 liters, which equates to 100 liters. It comes …

LARGE HOTPOINT "GE" FCM25SUWW Chest-Freezer (Second Level Rail) 24.9 cu ft Not rated yet
This Hotpoint chest freezer(made by GE) has a huge 24.9 cubic feet capacity that is great for large families who like stocking up on bargains. It has an …

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Freezer Overview


Different Types of Hotpoint Freezers and their Key Features

Hotpoint offers different freezers according to their sizes such as 55 cm, 60 cm, and 70 cm. The 55 cm range of freezers come in polar white and silver, antibacterial protection, super cool feature, the split shelf, safety glass features, full-width bottle balcony and can racks. It also comes with wine racks, salad bins and egg trays. It also sports I-care Intelligent refrigeration.

The 60 cm models come with stylish design with innovative storage solutions like handy storage space in the freezer and extra deep door storage in the fridge. This unit has more capacity compared to 55 cm.

When you are looking for 70 cm capacity freezers, the star of which is the 4-door quadrio fridge freezer. It sports 2 doors for the fridge and 2 drawers for the freezer. These units also have antibacterial protection, safety glass shelving, extra deep bottle balcony, can racks, wine racks, salad bins, and the Frost free feature.

Freezers from Hotpoint can also be categorized according to their design. These include under counter freezers, upright freezers and frost free freezers.

Under Counter Freezer

An under counter freezer is designed to fit right under the counter. This design is perfect for those with limited kitchen space since it allows you to fit the freezer right under your countertop. This type of freezer can also be handy in home bars, in entertainment rooms or anywhere you want a freezer located. Its small size make it the perfect ‘freezerv ‘for apartments because they can also function as stand alone freezers.

Frost Free Freezer

A frost free freezer eliminates the need for manual defrosts.

Upright Freezer

Hotpoint creates upright freezers as well. Upright freezers are easier to organize, will allow you to store food items at eye level for better organization and will reduce the risk of food spoilage because they can be easily retrieved. Upright and frost free freezers tend to be more expensive compared to other models but they are very convenient.

Popular Hotpoint Models and Main Features

Popular Upright Freezer

A good example of Hotpoint upright freezers is the RZAV21W which has a 3.6 cu. ft. capacity and frost free features in a white finish. The Hotpoint FZA80 is another upright freezer that is enjoying quite a following.

Popular Chest Freezers

One of the top best sellers is the Hotpoint RCAA17 which is a freestanding chest freezer that comes with such features as the freezer basket, the fast freeze option, and an A+ energy efficient rating.

Another popular chest freezer is the RCAA53P Chest Freezer, which sports 3 freezer baskets, a fast freeze option, on and off indicator light, lock with key, a counterbalanced lid, internal light and a A+ energy rating.

For those looking for a really large freezer the RCNAA 33 P is a must, with its 223 liter net capacity, frost free setting, 9 moulded removable freezer baskets, the fast freeze switch, high temperature warning lights and the grab handle for easy opening. It also has an easy-to-read control panel. This also makes it easy to use all the other features offered by this type of freezer.

Popular Frost-Free Freezer

The FFA52P Fridge Freezer is a fridge and freezer combination with a 3.0 cu. ft. gross freezer capacity. It also sports an A grade efficiency and of course, the frost free feature.

Another popular item is the FFA52S which is a frost free and freestanding fridge with a capacity of 80 Litres for the freezer, 3 safety glass shelving, a full width balcony and 3 freezer drawers. With the frost free features, this unit is fully frost free. It also has a grade A energy rating and antibacterial functions.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Hotpoint freezers are known for their AFFORDABILITY and SIMPLE DESIGNS that are perfect for those who want the basic features in any unit.

  • Hotpoint freezers come with just the right kind of FEATURES that make for convenient freezing with the FROST FREE FEATURE and ENERGY RATINGS as well as PRACTICAL STORAGE in flexible glass shelving, deep salad crispers and big bin freezer baskets.

  • The FROST FREE units from Hotpoint are expensive at first but you will get your money's worth in the long run with the convenience and the amount of food that you get to save. This appliance brand truly offers VALUE-FOR-YOUR MONEY options.


  • The main drawback to Hotpoint freezers is the LIMITED SELECTION of UNITS and MODELS to choose from.

  • The COLORS are also limited.

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