ICBBI-42S Sub Zero Side-By-Side Fridge Freezer (Air Purification System) Calacity-682 litres

4 Adjustable Glass Shelves : Dairy Compartment

4 Adjustable Glass Shelves : Dairy Compartment

I recently renovated my kitchen and my favorite appliance by far is my sub zero side by side refrigerator. The look is what first attracted me to the Sub Zero, and the brand's reputation solidified my decision.

The front is smooth stainless steel with sleek, rounded handles.Even the ventilation is unassuming, barely noticeable at the top of the unit.

The inside is equally as aesthetically pleasing. It is stark white, with clear front produce drawers. It is extremely easy to take apart and clean, and never develops a "refrigerator" smell. It is also a very effective appliance.

The temperature control is very accurate, and the produce drawers keep even leafy greens crisp. This was a very important feature for me as I eat a lot of vegetables, and they often become limp in the refrigerator.I really like the side by side model and the freezer is surprisingly roomy. The ice maker makes desirable ice cubes and is easy to empty when fresh ice is desired.

The only problem with the unit is the lapse in time between door openings. When you open the refrigerator or freezer door, you must wait about 30 seconds before you can open it again. I am sure this is a feature to ensure temperature control, but it is an annoyance when you forget to put items away.

The stainless steel is also difficult to keep clean, but that is not a fault of the Sub Zero refrigerator, merely a characteristic of stainless steel. Above all, this is most pleased I have ever been with an appliance. It is probably the most expensive refrigerator on the market, but worth every penny, not only for its look, but for its performance

  • sleek and clean appearance
  • high quality performance

    CONS –
  • high cost
  • pause between door openings

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