Igloo 45071 Island Breeze MaxCold 50 Roller (50 quart/69 cans)

5 day performance

5 day performance

The Coleman 70 quart Xtreme Cooler features environmentally friendly insulation and four beverage holders in the lid. It also has two way handles to make lifting and carrying much easier than with a regular cooler.

One of the greatest features of this cooler is that it can hold up to 98 drink cans, and the ThermOZONE insulation can keep the beverages cold for up to five days, even in hot weather. This feature alone makes it perfect for long trips in the car or for going camping.

The channel draining system is also one of the best features on a cooler that are available.

The large capacity of this cooler means that it would be very hard to tilt to drain, but the channel system means that it doesn’t have to be tilted to drain off any liquids that accumulate inside.

However, the handles, though they make packing this cooler when empty super easy, feel a little flimsy when the cooler is completely loaded down with stuff. Remember that 70 quarts can fit a lot of stuff.

After packing in a lot of cans, meat, and ice, this cooler can get extremely heavy and the handles don’t really feel like they are sturdy enough to take that kind of weight when lifting the cooler by the handles alone. Also, the length and width of the cooler make it quite difficult to fit into a regular passenger vehicle.

If it were a little shorter and a little taller it would be easier to fit into a car, but it can only easily fit into a truck or minivan without a lot of unnecessary movement.

Overall, though, it deserves a 4 out of 5.

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