Kalorik Silver Spray Portable Ice Maker (26 to 33lb of ice per day)

Heavy duty redesigned copper evaporator

Heavy duty redesigned copper evaporator

5 out of 5 for the Kalorik ICBM-30155 Portable Ice Maker !!

I was not familiar with the brand Kalorik when I purchased the Kalorik ICBM-30155 Portable Ice Maker.

I took a gamble when I bought this machine. I had recently purchased a freezer to buy bulk food and didn?t have a working icemaker at my house and didn?t want to use up the free space in my freezer. I was also a trainer for a sports team at the time. I needed to make large amounts of ice for home and for my job. I came across this unit while shopping at BJ?s Wholesale for my bulk food products. The unit boasts a 2.2lb capacity for carrying ice cubes and an alert for when it is full.

The unit produces cubes at a very fast rate, claiming the first batch of cubes to be ready 18 minutes after the unit is activated. I was happy with my purchase until I needed to replace a part which is when I ran into an issue locating the manufacturer.

I did end up resolving the issue quickly which restored my faith in this newly found company. An added bonus to having this machine was the use at home. I am not an experienced drinker but I like to make classy drinks that look and taste wonderful.

The clear ice cubes that this unit makes with its unique way of freezing the cubes, makes for a very beautiful looking glass of whatever translucent liquid I so choose. I will recommend this unit to anyone I can.

Pros -
  • Clear Ice Cubes
  • Quick Ice making

  • Pricey
  • Finding parts

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