by Sandra Mawas
(Toronto, Canada)

My French Door with freezer drawer on the bottom was installed in February 2007, and to date I have had 9 service calls for this product. First the freezer drawer has to be closed with a GOOD PUSH, they were to fix this with the first visit and after 4 years I am still pushing it shut. My Freezer drawer will not come out all the way so that I can remove the ICE CUBE drawer to clean it, so I have a build up of ice in the bottom and stale ice. The repair technician has been here four times for this problem, once they take the freezer drawer out and do whatever it is that they do, everything pertaining to this problem will work for about 2 months then I am back to the same old problem. Other problems that I have is that one of the drawers on the bottom to put fresh produce in, well that food usually freezes that I have to toss out. I was told to set the temperatures to -1C for freezer and 40C for refridgerator. Also on the fridge door where you would put cheese, one will stay closed and one will always be opened, and they did replace the magnet, but still having the problem. They also replaced the rubber stripping around the doors.

Now the service company that Kitchen Aid has in my area (Toronto) is NATIONAL APPLIANCE, well I would tell you that they are very rude,with major attitude, they give you a 4 hour window (I do understand that), but I do ask for the first appointment in the morning,(which other companies will do) and if the repair man decides that he is not coming to your house because he has been here before, takes it upon himself to just continue driving and does not call to reschedule your appointment with another technican, so you are still waiting for him to show up and if you try to call NATIONAL APPLIANCE, especially on a Monday morning you can be on hold for as long as 1 1/2 hours or more, "because it is a Monday morning"
I have been told via NA that they have spoken to the engineers who have designed this product and there is nothing wrong. Please tell how I can have my freezer drawer open all the way so that I can remove the Ice Cube drawer out. It was said by one of the technicans that maybe I will need a new TRACK.
I did take out an extended warranty and have been told that it will not cover the new track if that is what has to be replaced. Spending about $7,000.00 Canadian on this appliance, I would expect better service than what has been offered.
My next step it to put this complaint on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to hear back from someone Higher Up

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