Kenmore (16342) 12.9 cu ft Chest Freezer Internal Organization System

Energy Star®  :  Security Lock :  Interior Temp Control

Energy Star® : Security Lock : Interior Temp Control

The Kenmore (16342) is a Energy Star® compliant chest freezer with a 13 cu ft capacity and a great ORGANIZATION SYSTEM which makes sure that food is not forgotten in the lower section. There are also a good set top storage baskets for quick retrieval and together with a security lock and an interior light, this is a freezer worth considering.

    Interior Features

  • This is a great chest freezer that is designed with SIX SECTIONS in the lower part of the chest that means that food is easily stored and Easy To ORGANIZE.
  • There are two excellent baskets that LIFT OUT, which makes it easy to store a variety food you want to retrieve quickly.
  • It comes with 13 cu ft of storage which equates to 448 lbs of frozen food.
  • There is a good bright interior light that is positioned in the lid, which give very good illumination throughout the freezer.
  • This is an Energy Star® compliant freezer, which means that you will make some good savings on you electricity bills~ up to 20%.
  • Not only do the SECUTIRY LOCK protect your food and keep the lid firmly locked it is protected from prying eyes and uninvited use.

      Exterior Features

  • The lid in finished with a white plastic textured finish with a self colored metal handle.

      Dimension Specifications

    Total Volume: 12.9 Cu. Ft.

    Total Volume: 449 lbs frozen food


  • Customers found the organization system with the heavy plastic removable grid in the bottom of the freezer ensured that food was not ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’, which is the usual complaint about chest freezers.
  • A number of customers were very happy with the 16342 indicating that they would certainly recommend this to friends and family.
  • Having a light in the lid was found to be a real advantage, giving good illumination throughout the freezer chest.
  • Many customers very were happy with the great space that you get with a chest freezer, especially as it is so easy to organize.
  • One customer found that this was an ideal size for a small family.


  • One customer discovered that this model was not as well insulated as they would have liked, which meant that some of the cold was being lost through the walls of the freezer.
  • One problem that was identified by a couple of customers was that there was a problematic build up of ice in the interior of the freezer.
  • One customer found that the compartments that others found so good, were a problem and felt that it wasted storage space.
  • One customer had a problem with the lid and because rather nervous that the lid was not properly closed.
  • Some customers did not like the interior temperature controls, preferring to have an exterior button.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • excellent storage facility
  • Energy Star®
  • compact size
  • well designed
  • durable
  • recommend
  • wonderful organization system
  • quiet
  • light in lid is great
  • loads of space
  • good price

  • bit bulky
  • some interior frost buildup
  • lid sticks
  • manual defrost
  • interior temperature controls

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