Kenmore 18.5 CU FT bottom freezer refrigerator

by Jane
(Alexandria, VA)

We bought this refrigerator in July of 2011, got it installed by Sears, and the first month, it was great. It ran like a dream, very quiet. In August, we begin to hear the refrigerator running much louder, so much so that we could hardly stand to stay in the kitchen or two rooms away. We called Sears to come out and they said this was normal. I explained to them that the unit was very quiet at first. Their reply was that the current sound of the compressor running was "normal" and there was nothing they could do about it. How can this be I said, and they guy just shrugged my off. The noise is very annoying and if this is "normal", then this is a poor excuse for a refrigerator that cost $1350.00.

So, we will never buy another Sears Kenmore product and will search for another refrigerator to fit our small space.

I am constantly amazed at how poorly made these refrigerators are. We had replaced our GE Profile, which lasted about 5 years and was a constant problem with fluctuating temperatures, with this new Kenmore. Now this.

What does it take to make a quality product in the United States these days?

I do not recommend Kenmore or GE. If anyone knows of a quality brand, please let this thread know. I really don't care about the cost. I just want a refrigerator that works.

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