Kenmore (29502) White Upright Freezer (High Efficient Compressor) 5.1 cu ft

NOT Energy Star® :  CFC Free : Low Noise : Mechanical

NOT Energy Star® : CFC Free : Low Noise : Mechanical

This Kenmore (29502) is a tall, single door upright freezer, which is environmentally friendly as it has a highly efficient compressor which is a CFC free model. You can adjust the temperature of this low noise freezer easily with the mechanical temperature control. It has a manual defrost system, and is fitted with five shelves, giving amble options for storage and organization.

    Interior Features

  • High Efficient Compressor: This freezer has been designed with high efficiency compressor which not only is energy efficient but is an environmentally friendly CFC free freezer.

  • Mechanical Controls: This freezer has easy to use external temperature controls, conveniently located at the top right hand side of the cabinet.
  • Low Noise Because of the compressor this is a very quiet running freezer.
  • Five Fixed Shelves This is a freezer that has five equally spaced fixed shelves, making it very easy to organize the interior.
  • Manual Defrost This is a model that has a manual defrost system rather than the frost free option.
  • Easy Rolling Wheels This is a freezer that has been designed with easy roll wheels, making it easy to clean around.
  • Adjustable Leg
  • Outside condenser

      Exterior Features

  • This is a freezer that comes in the conventional fresh white finish with t flat style door.
  • It has a self colored, easy grip pocket handle.


  • This was found to be a freezer that kept its temperature well and was really cold, even on the mid point settings.
  • Some customers felt that this was a well designed freezer with well positioned shelves, giving adequate space both in height and width.
  • Although this was not Energy Star® compliant, nevertheless a number of customers considered that it was a fairly economical freezer to run and were satisfied with the running costs.
  • The price was something that a number felt was a real advantage.


  • Some customers pointed out that this is not a self defrosting freezer which is a disadvantage in an upright freezer.
  • Another disadvantage is that this is not Energy Star® compliant, so is not a model that is designed to be economical.
  • some customers would have liked this freezer to have a lock and felt this was a disadvantage.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • nice layout
  • very cold settings
  • reasonably priced
  • well designed
  • compact
  • reasonable price

  • little noisy
  • not self defrosting
  • size. too small
  • no child lock
  • no door storage.

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