Kenmore (29504) Upright Freezer White 5.1 cu. ft.

High Efficient Compressor : CFC free

High Efficient Compressor : CFC free

I recently purchase the Kenmore 5.1 cu. ft. Upright Freezer 2950. My family was looking for ways to save money. We discussed the idea of buying in bulk. The only problem with meat and cold products was that we had no place to store them conveniently long-term.

To put things in the freezer above the refrigerator was convernient but only in small amounts. If we tried to pack the freezer we would not be able to reach or find what we were looking for. We decided to look into freezer units. Our placement would be in the garage so we were looking for a stand-up that we could fill with bulk items that I could use over a long period of time without clogging up our unit over the refidgerator.

We found the Kemore stand-up unit at our local Sears store. Having a vertical unit mean it was less square footage being taken up that was going to be used for vehicles or storage. The price was a little more than we were looking to spend but over the long run I believe we will save money.

It was an energy efficient model as well so I can't even complain about that. My main problem with this unit was that the front dents easily. Having it in the garage, of course, it will encounter being bumped into and things were bound to hit it. I was surprised with the ease that it dented.

Other than that I would recommend this unit to any family looking to buy in bulk for reasons of saving or just for convenience of not having to shop as often.

I would rate this as a 4 out of 5

  • Stand up model
  • Space


  • price
  • dents easily

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