Kenmore 5791 Side by Side Dispensing Refrigerator (25.3 cu.ft)

I don’t think I would buy this refrigerator again. It was difficult to find things and the clear shelves got dirty very easily. Often times the shelves would slide out a little and products would fall behind them, leaving a huge mess.

There just wasn’t enough room and because the refrigerator was so thin you had to pack things in front of each other, making it nearly impossible to easily pull out food from the back. Things have come crashing down on me before, and left a huge mess to clean up on the floor. Come to think of it, I’ve had to clean up jelly, pickles, juices and much more.

All this could be avoided with a larger fridge that isn’t nearly as deep. Also, the filter on the water dispenser often needs changing, and when I don’t have time to change it it’s pretty much useless because the water starts to taste like lead. It would be nice if that was something I didn’t have to deal with.

I would even consider getting a refrigerator without a water dispenser to alleviate myself of the task of ever having to change the filter. There are very few positive things about this refrigerator. Even the cooling isn’t done so well, and things in the produce section often turn frosty. I was happy to find a place where I could review this product because I feel passionate about the unfortunate incidents and aggravation this product has brought into my life

- It looks nice
- It fits well in my kitchen because it’s so thin

- Not enough space inside
- Food not easily accessible

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Jul 21, 2010
Good overall refrigerator
by: Anonymous

This is a good overall refrigerator, well designed and durable exterior and was a fair price for the money.It is a good capacity at 25 cu ft. but the ice maker does tend to take up quite a bit a storage space.

It comes with a number of good features including the filtration system which works well although the ice maker would be better if it worked a little quicker but this is a minor detail.

The fridge does what it is supposed to do which is to keep food fresh and cold and does a good job of maintaining the correct temperature - it is a shame that the shelving was not designed to pull in and out

We are also please because it is reasonably quiet too.

nicely styled
quiet model
good temperature control

slow ice making facility
fixed shelving

Jul 20, 2010
a basic fridge that does the job it is meant to
by: Anonymous

This is a basic fridge. It cools and freezes. It filters water and makes ice cubes or chopped ice, including a lock out button for busy kid hands. It is quiet and was added to the Energy Star performance list in 2008. The refrigerator section is quite large.

Inside that section are the separate compartments, crisper, meat drawer and butter cabinet, plus the shelves are adjustable. I must admit being able to place milk cartons in the door shelves were a major attraction for us. The meat drawer does keep the meat ?colder.?

But I haven?t really noticed that the ?crisper? is maintaining the fruits and vegetables any longer or better? The freezer section is small but that is common in side-by-side models. The space that is available in the freezer is also very compact i.e. good luck putting frozen pizzas in or large containers.
The water and ice dispenser comes with a ?Pur? water filtration system. This is a feature that comes in handy if you don?t want to put that extra drink container in your fridge and/or have a filter attached to your faucet in the kitchen. Also there is an indicator light that lets you know when the filter is going ?bad,? so you know when to replace.

This particular model comes in 3 colors black, white or bisque. Black was our preferred color choice. And it has adjustable feet in the front to prevent your sodas and other food items of a ?rolly? nature from dropping out onto little heads or big toes.

Overall ? it?s a good basic fridge ? Capacity ? fridge side yes, freezer side No. ? Appearance ? looks great in black ? Features ? ice-maker, water filter, crisper and meat drawer, adjustable shelves and lit dispenser. ? Price ? $1000

- Water filtration system with kid-lock.
- Large very adjustable fridge-side interior
- Both freezer and fridge side are well-lit.

- Color choices limited (no stainless option)
- Freezer size and shape.

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