Kenmore 71309

by Elaine
(Gilbertsville, PA)

I wanted to get more space than what my working 20 year old 20 CF had. Once in the store I realized we didn't have enough room to get a larger refrig. (even though we custom built our house! only missed by less than one inch)

1 - I like the bottom freezer - no bending to get everything things from the fridge...
2 - The black looks good with my darker cabinets - doesn't jump out.
3 - Texture is good for fingerprints
4 - Price was nice for features

1 - This thing is noisy! We can hear it popping and banging everywhere in our 4000 SF house. It doesn't do it all the time though. Called Sears and they said it was normal (even VERY loud bangs). They should have insulated something that was not.
2 - The refrig has less room than my old one (assuming for energy efficiency?)
3- Since it isn't that large there isn't a lot of free room. The drawers take up a lot of room.
4- I wasn't able to move the door shelves. I don't want to force harder than I have because I don't want to break them. I'm going to Sears and figure it out there - I'd rather "play" with theirs before damaging mine - ha.

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