Kenmore 74192 Top-Freezer Refrigerator (20.6 cu.ft)

I recently moved into a new home and purchased a brand new Kenmore 74192 refrigerator. I was looking for something that did the job I needed for a reasonable price. I think I found it with this Kenmore. Right off the bat, its very inexpensive! Even though it doesn't break your bank account, it performs really well.

It also comes with glass shelves and an ice maker. I use the ice maker a lot, so I truly love that feature. The glass shelves makes it easier to clean up any spills that you might have. I did find a few problems with it however. Nothing that was too significant though.

First off, there are times when it gets a bit on the noisy side. It only occurs about once or twice a day. I also wish it had more storage options. Since I'm single, that's not a huge problem for me. If you have a family, that might present some difficulties.

I have come to love the side bins on the doors of other refrigerators Ive had. This one doesn't have them. Ive found a way to deal without. If you’re into the whole going green crazy, its not energy star rated. All in all, this refrigerator works for me because its reasonably priced and offers me all the performance aspects I need.

If you’re looking for the same, go out and get your hands on one of these Kenmore refrigerators. Its one buy that you will not regret and end up loving more and more in the long run.

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Jul 20, 2010
A good all-round refrigerator
by: Anonymous

- Cheap
- Comes with ice-maker and glass shelves

- A little loud
- Not energy star rated

Last year I finally decided to replace my old refrigerator. In these tough economic times I really wanted to find a product that was cheap and yet reliable. I personally prefer an old fashioned traditional refrigerator.

All I need my fridge to do is keep my food cold, nothing more! Therefore, after some research I decided to purchase the Kenmore 74192 model from Sears. For relatively inexpensive price of six hundred dollars you get a considerable amount of space.

The Kenmore has 20.6 cubic feet of room. In addition to this, it comes with glass shelves and a built in ice maker. Most refrigerators in this price range do not come with these handy features. I am especially fond of the glass shelves.

A few weeks ago, my daughter spilt some milk inside the refrigerator. The glass panels come out very easily and we were able to clean it in a matter of minutes. However, this fridge is by no means perfect. It is relatively loud for a refrigerator. (It won?t keep you awake or anything, but when you?re in the kitchen you hear a quiet hum)

Secondly it is not energy star rated. Since this global warming thing I personally have always tried to buy products that are energy star rated. However, this was just too good a deal to pass up.

I highly recommend this refrigerator and would buy another. It is great for the price! It really isn?t all that loud and the energy star thing is unfortunate but really won?t affect your power bill all that much.

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