Kenmore 79014 Bisque (19 cu ft) Internal Ice & Water DISPENSING Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

The Kenmore 7901 is one of the few bottom-freezer refrigerators that is made with an internal ice & water DISPENSING unit. It has a storage capacity of 19 cu ft and has a good range of the more innovative features.

As well as being ENERGY STAR® compliant and using up to 29% less energy than one without this feature, this appliance comes with Direct Door Cooling; the AdjustaCube Ice-Making Facility, Spill-Proof Glass Shelves; a Slide Away Shelf for taller items and In-Door Beverage Rack.

    Interior Features

  • You do not have to search in a dark refrigerator with the ENHANCED-Interior-Lighting system as it illuminates all the corners of your unit so that you can easily find all the food you need.
  • Not only are the 4 good-sized ADJUSTABLE-Shelves in the REFRIGERATOR cabinet, but one is a specially designed Slide-Away-Shelf, which is an advanced specialty storage feature which let you fold it up at times when you need to store particularly tall items.
  • There is also a useful BEVERAGE-RACK on which you can store all your favorite cans as well as 2 good-sized, Clear-View, Humidity-Controlled-CRISPERS .
  • There is even a little Snack/DELI Drawer.
  • One excellent feature of this refrigerator is the Advanced-Cooling DIRECT-DOOR-COOLING System, which ensure that all food and drink that is kept in the door remains at the optimum coldness to ensure freshness and safety.
  • The FREEZER section is equally packed with exciting features including the Advanced-Production AdjustaCube ICE-MAKING System together with a Frost-Free Defrost System.
  • The freezer also has an adjustable shelf and 2 Door-Baskets, one of which is a useful Tilt-Out Basket.
  • The up-Front Digital, ELECTRONIC CONTROLS will allow you to keep your bottom-freezer refrigerator at the best temperature for your needs - with a range from Cold (1) to Coldest (7)
  • Being Energy Star® compliant this refrigerator is very energy efficient and will save up to 20% in your energy costs.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 7901 refrigerator is available in FOUR great colors:- Bisque (79014) Black (79019) White (79012) and Stainless Steel (79013). The overall color of this unit is Bisque and the door has a smooth finish with a gently contoured door-front.

      Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 31 ¾ Inches
  • Height: 65 Inches
  • Width: 29 7/8 Inches
  • Total Volume: 19 cu. ft.
  • Refrigerator Section: 13.7 cu. ft.
  • Freezer Section: 5.3 cu. ft.


  • For those that want to have an Ice-Maker and Ice and Water DISPENSER on a two-door conventional bottom-freezer refrigerator, this is a model to consider because most units with this design do not have this as a standard feature
  • Sliding and FOLDING TOP SHELF is a real boon and a great advantage as it allows you to fold it back to make room for taller items - but can be put balk to increase the square footage at other times.
  • Having an Energy Star® appliance certainly will help to save on those energy bills as this ensure you that your appliance is energy efficient.
  • Having Energy Star status is a very important advantage.


  • One of the main disadvantages that was found with this model was that the view of the content of the food on the top shelf was OBSCURED - making it easy to miss seeing something that may need to be used up quickly and requiring you to have to bend right down to see what is there.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star and energy efficient
  • sturdy appliance
  • attractive design
  • large well designed freezer
  • very efficient ice-maker
  • large freezer and well-lit
  • like the hidden handles

  • view of top shelf is obscured
  • long time to dispense water
  • tal items do not fit well

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    Oct 03, 2010
    Good range of featuers and energy efficient
    by: Anonymous

    This is about the Kenmore 79014

    It is Energy Star qualified and has enhanced lighting

    It has two humidity-controlled crispers, a convenient snack/deli drawer and a range of adjustable door bins and a slide-away shelf ? which is a good idea

    Easy to clean up spills on the glass shelves, which help

    The top freezer compartment comes with AdjustaCube ice- maker and the frost-free defrost system.

    The direct door cooling system targets cool air in the door ? which is good

    There is an In-door can shelf that is specially designed to hold cans a- it?s a good idea but also a bit gimmiky

    The door has 3 Adjustable Door Bins ? s you can change the layout

    Τηε freezer has an inbuilt ice-making system and ice storage capacity and has an AdjustaCube advanced ice production system which is good.

    One of the freezer shelves are adjustable ?but the floor is not a removable ? and similarly the freezer door bins are fixed ? however one door bin does have a useful Tilt-Out feature.

    There is enhanced interior lighting in the refrigerator which gives a really good view of all that is stored in the cabinet and this model also has the frost ?free defrost system i

    The interior electronic controls are out of sight and give you a temperature option between1 and 7.

  • filter-change warning light
  • sliding ?half? shelf is great idea for tall items
  • quiet running model
  • good model for reasonable small kitchen

  • the view of the top shelf is obscured ? so you can?t see what it there
  • it is both deep and wide making it difficult to see what is stored inside

  • Oct 03, 2010
    Good refrigerator with some good features
    by: Anonymous

    Here are things that are good about about the Kenmore 79014
    This is a refrigerator that has both an ice-maker and water dispenser with filtered water - which is not generally found in top-freezer refrigerators ? so this is an advantage for those looking for this facility
    This is a really roomy refrigerator which is in itself an advantage and is styled much better than many equivalent models.
    Many top freezer do not have as many features but this one has a top shelf that slides ? to transfer it into half a shelf ? to accommodate taller items.
    being Energy Star rated ensure an economically running refrigerator and savings on electrical charges.

    Here are the things that are not so good:-
    Some of the material used in this appliance is pretty flimsy plastic and can break easily - like the crisper cover.
    When parts of the refrigerator need replacing it is very costly to have fairly cheap item shipped.
    There is a can shelf that is only really designed to hold cans ? which is disappointing if you do not bother with cans ? as the size is really not designed to hold much else

  • roomy and spacious appliance
  • really good refrigerator
  • very satisfied with performance
  • like the internal dispenser
  • dispenser removes need for having a separate water filter
  • internal ice maker and water dispenser
  • freezer is good and cold
  • lovely hidden handles
  • sturdy refrigerator
  • enhanced lighting

  • flimsy crisper cover material
  • no need for a can shelf
  • takes long time to fill a glass

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