Kenmore 79292 Frost-Free Top-Freezer Refrigerator 22,1 cu ft

Energy Star® - Direct Door Cool - SLide-Away Shelves

Energy Star® - Direct Door Cool - SLide-Away Shelves

Energy Star® - Direct Door Cool - SLide-Away Shelves

Kenmore 7929 is a classic top-freezer refrigerator with a total capacity of 22.1 cu ft and with its ENERGY STAR rating it is identified as a economical, energy-saving appliance which is always environmentally friendly.

With its DIRECT-DOOR COOLING system, its AdjustaCube ice-making facility, its Slide-Away Shelving and Humidity-Controlled Crispers, this classic, 22.1 cu ft top-freezer refrigerator has many advantages, while being REASONABLY PRICED.

    Main Key Features

The temperature CONTROLS are positioned in the interior of the refrigerator at the top and have 5 settings from cold to colder.
There is a simple push button temperature adjustment button that gives you FINGER-TIP CONTROL over the interior temperature of your appliance.
  • Being an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance is an assurance that your top-freezer refrigerator will be energy efficient and save up to 20 % on your cold-storage electricity consumption, as well as meeting the government’s policy on environmentally friendly electrical equipment.
  • It has a number of basic features like the STANDARD INTERIOR LIGHT, the standard SNACK/DELI and the two humidity-controlled clear crispers. However the deli-drawer is not temperature controlled as is some models, nor is there a temperature controlled meat section.
  • SPILL-PROOF glass shelves are becoming more of a necessity these days and this model is fitted with the these easy to manage shelves for ease of cleaning.
  • There are however some very innovative features including the advanced ice-producing AdjustaCube, which makes 3 DIFFERENT SIZES of ice cubes, automatically removing any need to have ice-cube trays. There is also a useful ice-storage compartment, leaving the generating of all you ice-making to the Kenmore 7929
  • One particularly innovative features are the 4 Slide-Away-SHELVES, which quickly and easily fold away to make more space for tall bottles and jars that would other wise not fit into a normal refrigerator shelf.
  • DIRECT-DOOR Cooling is a great feature where items that are stored in the refrigerator door, maintains the ideal temperature.
  • There is also a very useful Can-Storage rack where your favorite drinks are easily stored and chilled ready for consumption.

      Exterior Features

  • The overall color of this model is white with no contrasting colors at all – giving a good integrated feel to the unit.
  • The door is smooth and slightly contoured to give an ELEGANT and sleek look to the appliance.
  • The Kenmore 7929 top-freezer refrigerator is available in THREE colors:-
    White (76252) and Black (76259) and Stainless Steel (76253)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31-3/4 Inches
    Height: 66-7/8 Inches Width: 32-7/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 22.1 cu ft
    Refrigerator Volume 16.1 cu fu
    Freezer Volume 6 cu ft


  • One of the noticeable advantages of this unit is that it is a very QUIET Unit - the only noticeable noise being the ice-maker filling up with water
  • The Spill-Proof glass SHELVES are a great advantage when having to clean up the occasional spillage.
  • One particularly great advantage are the 4 adjustable, slide-away shelves which can quickly and easily be moved to make room for tall items that need to be stored in the refrigerator. Once the TALL ITEM is no longer needing storage space the shelves can just as quickly be readjusted to the original position.


  • There is NO PULL-OUT FREEZER DRAWEr which is such a help when looking for food at the back of the freezer compartment.
  • Although the freezer door bins are useful, it is a disadvantage that they DO NOT TILT UP as with some other models.
  • Some customers have had a problem with the refrigerator LEAKING at the point where the water enters the unit – this may of course be a question of poor installation – but it is a useful reminder to ensure that the hoses are correctly installed.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • quiet running refrigerator
  • Energy Star
  • spill-proof shelving
  • love the slide-away shelves to make room for tall items
  • 3-sizes of ice cubes
  • no defrost – frost free system
  • very nice digital controls
  • in-door can storage.

  • some problems with the unit leaking
  • no tilt-out freezer baskets
  • no convenient pull-out freezer floor
  • deli drawer is not temperature controlled

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    Jun 10, 2014
    Looking for another one like this NEW
    by: Anonymous

    Absolutely love this refrigerator - bought is 2009. Had to leave it behind when moved. Now in 2014 can't find anything comparable. Love the split shelves, smooth surface and no handles.

    Aug 17, 2011
    Worst Fridge In 37 Years
    by: ewstan

    Purchased in June 2010. By the end the warranty period, Sears had installed almost $1000.00 in new parts to correct noise, poor temp. control, ice buildup in freezer, and internal and external ice maker water leaks. Three months after the last work, the freezer ice buildup problems are returning. Sears comment was that for $75 they'll send someone out. We're waiting for a determination on how long the warranty work is covered.

    Maybe someday someone will explain to me why a fridge made in this country 15-20 years ago was a quality product, had a longer warranty, and lasted for 15 to 20 years, while a fridge selling for the equivalent price today is made in another country with cheap labor, is sold with a one year warranty and is a piece junk.

    Sep 15, 2010
    A basic, decent, reliable refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    For anyone who wants a basic, decent, reliable refrigerator that will last for years, your basic Kenmore is the way to go! Also, I found out it is made by LG, another name to trust.

    I was pleased to find that Kenmore offers a range of appliances to suit different needs and budget ranges. After living with my new fridge for about a month, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Adjustable ice. This is a really nice feature, as it allows you to choose the size of the ice you want to make.
    Ml>Freezer access is easy, and I find I don't really need the water/ice in the door found in a side-by-side. 'Cons' of the side-by-side is small storage space, and so I am glad to have larger space for food storage in my new fridge.
  • Quality and reliability. Kenmore is a name to trust, and I have never experienced any problems with a Kenmore before. Sears is also a name to trust to buy your appliances from.

  • I didn't measure the size of the doors before installing, and the wide swinging doors on this model don't open completely once installed.
  • The side-by-side I had previously fit well, and it didn't occur to me to measure, so I would encourage people to measure, even if you think everything will fit. This, of course, was my fault, and so difficult to put down as a "con."
  • It is a little difficult to reach inside the fridge to access all the spaces. One really has to lean over and in.
  • With a side-by-side or more expensive model with dual opening doors, it might be easier to reach inside to access all the doors and shelves.
  • Also, the shelves do not slide out, making access more difficult.

  • Sep 15, 2010
    Completely reliable refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    I recently purchased a Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator, Model 79292, to replace an old GE fridge that was completely a problem. The old GE (a cheap level appliance that came installed in my brand new mobile home) had failed three times in 8 years. Once, a temperature valve went out (within the first 3 years but of course after the warranty expired), next, the ice water line leaked, ruining my floor and incurring over $2000 worth of damage, and lastly, about 2 months ago, something else failed which caused the freezer to not work, which resulted in icing and loss of cooling. I hate cheap GE products and will never buy another one. I couldn't wait to replace my old GE with a new Kenmore, which I purchased at Sears.

    Kenmore has always been a completely reliable and trustworthy appliance, and even though I could not afford the fancier models with a bottom slide-out freezer and dual-opening (but not side by side) doors,

    I am completely pleased with the freezer on the top and regular doors of the basic Kenmore model. This is a step above your really basic model that comes in student dorms, is affordable and just right for those of us who are on a limited budget, such as single and retired people, or newly married, or even young people just starting out who want more than the basic fridge but can't really afford the top models.

    It has many nice adjustable features, a great amount of storage on the door, and I can count on it to last me a number of years. The ice maker has adjustable cube size, which is very nice indeed! I always trust a Kenmore, and the people at Sears are pleasant and reliable.

    Overall rating:
    Given my budget of about $1100, I would rate this fridge at at 5. I couldn't afford a $2700 fridge, and this provides the basics, makes ice, and has a lot of door storage at a reasonable price. Given an increased budget if I could afford a fridge at $2700, I would rate this one at a 3. It is good, basic, decent, I trust the Kenmore name, and it provides all the basics.

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