Kenmore Compact Chest Freezer (Blue Defrost Indicator) 8.8 cu ft (16922)

Bright Interior Light : Manual Defrost : Power Light

Bright Interior Light : Manual Defrost : Power Light

This Kenmore 16922 is a nice compact chest freezer with a capacity of 8.8 cu ft and being flush to the wall has a fairly small footprint. It will store up to 308 lbs of frozen food and has two convenient LIFT OUT Baskets, for easy access to the lower compartment. It also has a bright interior light, and external POWER ON Light and a conveniently located water drain.

    Interior Features

  • Your freezer is WELL LIT with this Bright Internal Light, which enables you to see throughout the entire chest, right into the bottom corners.
  • An internal POWER Light is a useful reminder that the freezer is switched on and working.

  • Your frozen food is protected with a security lock and is an additional safety feature with young children.
  • This is a manual defrost freezer and comes with an internal water drain, to remove all water when defrosting the freezer
  • This is a great BLUE DEFROST INDICATOR feature that eliminates the guesswork of when to defrost the freezer as it give you a little reminder!

      Exterior Features

  • This is a fresh clean overall WHITE chest freezer with smooth lines.
  • The lid is a textured finish and the white handle is made of metal, making it more robust.


  • Many customers felt that this was a well priced freezer and that it ran efficiently.
  • Although this was NOT Energy StarĀ® compliant, certain customers considered that it was a fairly economical freezer to run.
  • Some customers were pleased with the variable temperature control and pleased that it was placed in the exterior of the freezer
  • The BLUE DEFROST Indicator light is a REAL advantage as it takes the guesswork out when to defrost the freezer
  • The Interior LIGHT was a big advantage and one that many customers found was quite important to them.
  • Having a lid that locked was an advantage that a number of customers commented on.
  • The exterior light was also something that customers identified as a very useful addition.


  • Some customers felt that this was a freezer that needed more interior organizers, as there was NOT ENOUGH Dividers and Baskets.
  • There was a comment that some of the material used in this model was inferior and quite flimsy.
  • This is NOT Energy StarĀ® so would not be as energy efficient as a size similar model that had this feature.
  • There was a comment that it would be better if this freezer had a temperature alarm .

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good price
  • nice compact size
  • handy interior baskets
  • seems energy efficient
  • very spacious interior
  • fairly compact size.
  • would recommend this freezer to a friend.
  • defrost indicator light

  • insufficient dividers
  • poor quality plastic
  • not very good internal organization
  • no temperature rise alarm

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