Kenmore Elite 795.71059.011

by Larry
(Bandera, Texas)

This thing is literally the biggest and worst piece of short lived junk I have ever wasted my hard earned money on!! I've bought appliances from Sears for 40 years and a few from other sources and have never, ever had problems like I've had for the last two years since buying this SEARS KENMORE/LG ELITE REFRIGERATOR Mod.# 795.71059.011. We've had problems from the get go when we bought this KENMORE/LG 2 yr.'s ago. A MONTH AGO!!! box quit working and we called a local repairman because the only other service available was a San Antonio service center, an hour away, and their terrible reputation precedes them so we opted to hire local. He diagnosed the problem and when he tried ordering parts he was told a week to a week and a half back order and waiting on parts. We waited and waited until Friday when he got the part and came and installed it. He told us to let the box sit for ANOTHER 24 hr.'s to let box thaw out completely. We lost the rest of the food we had been trying to save while the freezer would work, then quit,we'd buy ice, ice melts freezer works then quits, then works, on again off again for OVER 3 WEEKS. WE'VE LOST ABOUT $550 worth of food and PAID ANOTHER $135 for ice and all the mess and pains that go with it!!! I'm handicapped and on fixed income so the wife is bearing the brunt of all this woe. I'D JUNK THE DANG THING (the refrigerator that is) BUT ONLY TWO YEARS OF SERVICE AND $1800 + $685 SPOILED FOOD AND WASTED ICE., NO WAY WE CAN JUNK IT, YET!!!!

Service man will be back tomorrow to maybe diagnose what else it might be. That will mean MORE PARTS and MORE WAITING!!!; I know... I KNOW, SIR, YOU NEED TO CALL A SEARS SERVICE MAN. HOCKEY POOH!!! Two year old refrigerator!!! I shouldn't be having to call ANYBODY!!!! SEARS AND LG... YOU HAVE FLEECED ME FOR THE VERY LAST TIME!!!! I'M JUST ONE PERSON BUT I'M GOING TO DO SOME ADVERTISING FOR THE TWO OF YOU, BOY AM I GOING TO DO SOME ADVERTISING FOR YOU AND YOUR JUNK!!!
Sears Kenmore Elite!!... ELITE... my BONY patootie!!!!
*** How I'm entering info to post this review I'm supposed to type in the word "CIRCUS" in order to submit. Yes sir Sears, you nailed it!!! CIRCUS!!! ***

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