Kenmore Energy Star® 78274 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator BISQUE 22.4 cu ft

Energy Star® - Incandescent Lighting - 3 Color Choices

Energy Star® - Incandescent Lighting - 3 Color Choices

Energy Star® - Incandescent Lighting - 3 Color Choices

In the lovely BISQUE colored Kenmore 7827 bottom-freezer you have easy access to the ELECTRONIC temperature control with great looking DIGITAL DISPLAY, conveniently located. With the REVERSIBLE door option you have greater versatility in where you place your refrigerator and with the ENERGY STAR® compliant label you know that you have an economical appliance that will save you up to 20% on your household bills as well as being environmentally friendly.

With a good array of features like the Adjustable Glass Shelves, an Automatic Icemaker, Clear –Gallon-DoorBins Spillproof-Glass-Shelves and Humidity-Controlled Crispers you have an appliance that is likely to meet your needs.

    Interior Features

  • In the REFRIGERATOR section you have the opportunity for multiple storage configurations with the 4 Adjustable Spill-Safe-Shelves which ensure that little spillages can be cleaned up quickly and easily, two of which are Slide-Out-Shelves.
  • Some of the Specialty-Storage in this refrigerator includes a Clear-Covered-Dairy-Bin and there are 4 Clear-Gallon-Door-Bins which are adjustable to give versatility in storage options. This model also has a useful Transparent Snack/Deli-Drawer. Other storage features of this unit are 2 standard Clear-View-Crispers.
  • With an Auto-Defrost-System installed the FREEZER compartment does not require regular manual defrosting. It also has an Ice-Maker installed
  • The refrigerator interior is WELL-LIT with Incandescent lighting from 2 bulbs and the freezer section has one light. The Up-Front Electronic-Temperature-Touch-Controls respond to finger-tip pressure with a Digital-Display.
  • An important feature of this refrigerator is the Energy Star® compliance that ensure that you make a saving of up to 20 % on the running costs of this unit.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 7827 refrigerator is available in THREE great colors:-White (78272) Black (78279) and Bisque (78274)
  • The slightly Contoured Smooth-Textured-Door on this bottom-freezer refrigerator is overall Bisque color for the door, cabinet, sides and the two long grab-handles.

      Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 34 ¼ Inches
  • Height: 68 ½ Inches
  • Width: 32 7/8 Inches
  • Total Volume: 22.4 cu. ft.
  • Refrigerator Section: 15.5 cu. ft.
  • Freezer Section: 6.9 cu. ft.


  • Having Energy Star® rating automatically makes this an ECONOMICAL unit and ensure better energy efficiency than refrigerators that do nto have this rating.
  • Many customers are finding that the DOOR SWING on the freezer compartment of the bottom-freezer refrigerators, like this model, it is more beneficial than that drawer type.
  • It is good to have a Slide-Out Freezer-Basket in the freezer compartment , as it makes finding your frozen food easier.
  • Having Clear Crispers and other TRANSPARENT BINS and containers is a great asset as this enables you to see exactly what is in your refrigerator and helps to prevent food from ‘getting lost’ or being forgotten.


  • There is No internal or external ice and water dispensing facility on this model at all.
  • Not all the compartments are temperature controlled, like the Snack/Deli Drawer

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good looking unit
  • swing-door freezer
  • auto defrost system
  • ice-maker installed
  • covered clear dairy bin
  • great electronic controls
  • slide out shelves make it easy to change the interior to suit

  • poor freezer
  • bad defrost cycle
  • no tilt-out storage, which would be an advantage

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