Kenmore Freezer Reviews

Kenmore is one of the leading and trusted brands when it comes to home appliances such as freezers and refrigerators. They are well-known for their ENERGY EFFICIENT features and the vast CHOICES of freezer models to choose from. Kenmore is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to freezers. Read on to know why Kenmore freezers are among the most POPULAR in the market

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Freestanding Kenmore ELITE (44733) STAINLESS Upright Freezer 16.7 cu ft 
This is a very elegant Kenmore COUNTER DEPTH Elite Stainless Steel Freezer with an innovative system when two full size unite into one cabinet. It can …

White Kenmore (19702) Chest Freezer (Easy Clean Interior) 6.9 cu ft  
The Kenmore 19702 is a moderate size and reasonably priced white chest freezer. With a 6.9 cu ft capacity, this is a manual defrost freezer, with flush …

Manual Defrost Kenmore (19502) WHITE Chest Freezer 5.1 cu ft 
The Kenmore (19502) is a compact, white chest freezer, fits FLUSH to the wall and has a 5.1 cu ft capacity. It comes with a Manual Defrost system and an …

Kenmore (29702) WHITE Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft 
The Kenmore 29702 is a fairly compact CFC freezer with a capacity of 6.5 cu ft. The temperature is easily adjusted with the exterior controls and has …

Kenmore chest freezer, model #19502010 Not rated yet
I purchased this freezer from Sears on 4/25/2011. I received a letter regarding the energy rebate and completed the information. I received a rebate check …

Kenmore models 19502/19702 Not rated yet
Satisfied with the freezer.

19702 Not rated yet
my freezer is 15 month old and one day the compressor stop working get very hot i have to buy another one but not kenmore

255.19702010 7.2 cu. chest freezer Not rated yet
After having this freezer only a year and a half the freezer went out on me, causing me to loose food. the limited warranty was for 1 year. In my opinion, …

Donald Kenmore freezer Md 19502 Not rated yet
Junk,junk, junk-- Like many others my freezer quit after 14 months, went tostore manager at Sears in Reading, Pa. and he tol me I should have purchased …

Donald Kenmore freezer Md 19502 Not rated yet
Junk,junk, junk-- Like many others my freezer quit after 14 months, went tostore manager at Sears in Reading, Pa. and he tol me I should have purchased …

19502 Not rated yet
This thing is a pice of shit. lost a full freezer of meat Sears you suck not one more penny will i spend in your store

KENMORE CHEST FREEZER 19502 Not rated yet

kenmore compact chest freezer model 25519502010 Not rated yet

kenmore compact chest freezer model 25519502010 Not rated yet

255.19502010 Not rated yet
junk do0sent freeze completly we lost aqbou7t n100.00 0f food already seems it nshut noff by itself.sears should reploace it free of cyargte.

William Burt, Model: 19502 Not rated yet
I have recieved a letter from Energy Claim Rebate. I have purchased a Kenmore compact chest freezer model 19502. I have been advise on the basis of a …

Model #19502 Not rated yet
Have not had any problems other than ice building up in the freezer, but after receiving the rebate letter and reading everyone else's comments, I'm concerned …

Kenmore (16542) 14.8 cu ft Upright Freezer White ~ Energy Star®  Not rated yet
At almost 15 cu ft capacity, the Kenmore 16542 is an upright freezer that has two sliding, lift out baskets which give quick and easy access to food in …

Kenmore (28052) Upright Freezer 20.6 cu ft Not rated yet
The Kenmore 28052 is a LARGE capacity freezer of 20.6 cu ft , with an ULTRA SOFT DOOR giving ample space to take advantage of bulk frozen food purchases. …

Kenmore (28452) White Upright Freezer 13.7 cu ft Frost Free Not rated yet
With a ULTRA SOFT DOOR the Kenmore 28452, with Advanced Freezer Technology upright freezer has a 13.7 cu ft capacity and a stylish GREEN LED readout display …

Kenmore (28262) White Upright Freezer 12.1 cu ft Not rated yet
For the family who are conscious of the size of their freezer this shallow depth 12.1 cu ft freezer from Kenmore will fit into a range of smaller places. …

WHITE Kenmore (Ultra Soft Door) Upright Freezer (28432)13.7 cu ft Frost Free  Not rated yet
With its ULTRA SOFT DOOR and exterior electronic light, the Kenmore 28432 is a good sized 13.7 cu ft capacity freezer with control lockout function. There …

LARGE Kenmore (28042) Upright Freezer 20.6 cu ft Not rated yet
The Kenmore 28042 is a large capacity upright freezer, which will save on your food bills as you can buy in bulk, as it has a capacity of 20,6 cu ft, which …

Kenmore (29502) White Upright Freezer (High Efficient Compressor) 5.1 cu ft  Not rated yet
This Kenmore (29502) is a tall, single door upright freezer, which is environmentally friendly as it has a highly efficient compressor which is a CFC …

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Kenmore ELITE Energy Star' (28092) White 'Upright Freezer (Electronic Temp. Controls) 20 6 cu ft Not rated yet
The Kenmore (28092) is a White Upright Freezer that is one of the ELITE style freezers, that comes with Advanced Freezer Technology, including a FROST …

Large (Energy Star) Kenmore (16582) White Chest Freezer (Fast Freeze) 24.9 cu ft  Not rated yet
The 16582 is the largest of the chest freezers offered by Kenmore, with a massive capacity of 24.9 cu ft. There is a Digital Temperature Display in the …

Kenmore ELITE (16082) White Chest Freezer 19.7 cu ft (Energy Star®) Not rated yet
The Kenmore (16082) is one of the ELITE range of chest freezers and comes with a LARGE 19.2 cu ft capacity. It has the advantage of being one of the …

Kenmore Compact Chest Freezer (Blue Defrost Indicator) 8.8 cu ft (16922)  Not rated yet
This Kenmore 16922 is a nice compact chest freezer with a capacity of 8.8 cu ft and being flush to the wall has a fairly small footprint. It will store …

BLACK Kenmore (16949) Chest-Freezer (Frost Indicator Light) 8.8 cu ft Not rated yet
With a black exterior the Kenmore 16949 chest freezer will be a real asset to your home, with its good looks and functionality. This 8.8 cu ft capacity …

Kenmore (16342) 12.9 cu ft Chest Freezer Internal Organization System  Not rated yet
The Kenmore (16342) is a Energy Star® compliant chest freezer with a 13 cu ft capacity and a great ORGANIZATION SYSTEM which makes sure that food is …

Kenmore (29504) Upright Freezer White 5.1 cu. ft. Not rated yet
I recently purchase the Kenmore 5.1 cu. ft. Upright Freezer 2950. My family was looking for ways to save money. We discussed the idea of buying in bulk. …

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Freezer Overview


Different Types of Kenmore Freezers and their Key Features

Kenmore offers freezer and refrigerator combos but for this article we shall focus on stand alone freezers from this brand. Kenmore produces chest and upright freezers in various colors, features and capacities.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are considered to be more ENERGY EFFICIENT than their upright counterparts, are somewhat less expensive and make excellent secondary freezers. Because of the design chest freezers also ENDURE POWER OUTAGES better compared to upright models.

Chest freezers do come with their own problems and drawbacks. For one, most chest freezers are NOT WELL-LIT and it is easy to lose contents especially if the freezer is really big. Chest freezers are often the best options for those who like to do their shopping for the two or three weeks' worth of supply and have someplace to store the perishable food items in. Chest freezers are also good for those who need to have large storage spaces for meat products.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are EASIER TO ORGANIZE compared to chest freezers. Food items are seen at eye level and you have the option for more organization. The interiors of upright freezers are lighted so they are more expensive. They are also LESS ENERGY EFFICIENT compared to chest types because opening of the doors allows more warm air to displace cold air.

Both types come with FROST FREE FEATURES or one that needs MANUAL DEFROSTING. The advantage with frost free units is that you are not required to thaw it out and drain it. However, it can be MORE PRICEY and more expensive to run.

Both types come with frost free features or one that needs manual defrosting. The advantage with frost free units is that you are not required to thaw it out and drain it. However, it can be more pricey and more expensive to run.

Popular Kenmore Freezers their Main Features

Popular Chest Freezers

A popular chest freezer from Kenmore is the Elite 16582 chest freezer which has one of the largest capacities in the market at a whooping 24.9 cubic feet. This makes it perfect for large storage needs for large families or a small business. One drawback to this model, however is that it takes up a lot of floor space. This is also a manual defrost unit so it has to be located in an area that can easily handle the water runoff when you have to defrost.The unit also sports lift-out plastic baskets that help in the organization of food inside the spacious freezer and also facilitates easy retrieval. It also has a digital temperature display, a power on indicator and a quick freeze setting. It comes in a white finish.

Another popular choice is the 1634 white 13 cu. ft. chest freezer which is a good option for those with small kitchen spaces. It comes with the Energy Star seal, a security lock, and interior lighting that eliminates having to root around in the dark for the food item that you are looking for. To eliminate the risk of having food go to waste because they are forgotten when stored at the bottom of the chest freezer, the 1634 has a removable basket divided into six compartments for easy organization.

Another top seller is the 1694 which comes in classic black and sports features like the two lift-out baskets and a security lock as well as the visual temperature alarm and interior lighting. The external power on light tells you when the freezer is on. Another convenient features includes two lift out baskets, a frost indicator button and a security lock

Popular Upright Freezers

The Kenmore Elite stainless steel upright freezer 4473 is a popular choice for upright freezers and comes with 16.7 cu. ft. of storage space, three glass shelving, two slide out baskets as well as fixed and tilt door storage bins. The unit also comes with a counter depth design to compliment the cabinets and the countertops for a flushed and integrated look.

Another popular upright unit is the Kenmore 2809 which comes with glass shelving with bookend organizers, a retractable pizza shelf, wire baskets with dividers and tilt door storage. It also has the Soft freeze zone ideal for ice cream.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Kenmore freezers are known for their AFFORDABLE prices and RELIABLE FEATURES. Whether you have the chest or the upright models,

  • Kenmore units are LONG-LASTING and PERFOR QMUIETLY.

  • They are less prone to ICE BUILD UP and come with the ENERGY STAR seal for more energy savings.

  • Most Kenmore appliances are also designed ELEGANTLY so that they can blend in well with almost all kinds of kitchen decor.


    There are a number of disadvantages to Kenmore freezers, among them


  • One bid disadvantage is that they have POORLY-DESIGNED FEATURES,

  • In some cases, the poor performance of the COMPRESSOR of not good.

  • In certain upright models the unit tends to suffer from too much CONDENSATION

  • In some models there is poor SHELF RETAINER design.

    Bottom Line

  • Kenmore is one of the leading brands of freezers and it is not hard to understand why. ELEGANCE in design and a QUIET, RELIABLE and ENERGY EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE makes Kenmore freezers STYLISH and PRACTICAL additions to any kitchen.

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