Kenmore PRO 40483 Stainless-Steel Side-by-Side Built-In Refrigerator Twin-Cooling System 29.5 cu ft

Energy Star® Twin Cooling (TDM)System Slide-Away Shelve

Energy Star® Twin Cooling (TDM)System Slide-Away Shelve

Energy Star® Twin Cooling (TDM)System Slide-Away Shelve

Kenmore PRO 40483 side-by-side built-in refrigerator is a truly STUNNING looking appliance and is professionally inspired and comes with the Kenmore Pro Trademark. Made of STAINLESS STEEL is a very stylish unit and adds a real touch of class and elegance to any kitchen.

Bring 29.5 cu ft this is truly a VERY LARGE unit which has been designed to give you the best in cold storage and sophisticated designs. As an Energy Star qualified appliance it is designed with incorporates many ENERGY EFFICIENCY feature.

    Interior Features

  • This is a cutting-edge model with an advance, TWIN COOLING system designed to give ever better freshness to the foods that are stored.
  • With its 2 HUMIDITY-Controlled Crispers and a TEMPERATURE Controlled Meat or Vegetable Compartment, this model is designed to bring you the very best in cold storage management.
  • The ice and water DISPENSER produces lashings of cubed and crushed ice and there is a water filter, with a life of six months - built into the base of the unit, and an interior WATER FILTER INDICATOR. There is also a dispenser light and a dispenser lock-out feature
  • The refrigerator has 3 Spill-Proof glass shelves and 4 adjustable, opaque DOOR BINS but there are no slide-out shelving fitted.
  • The freezer is a twin-cooling refrigerator with a Frost Free DEFROST SYSTEM and an AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER and three fixed door baskets but no slide out baskets.
  • The INTERIOR LIGHTING is the very swish incandescent.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore Pro 40483 dispensing refrigerator is only offered in one overall finish – stunning Stainless –Steel which as a smooth finish. Being a built in unit it has a flat door trim-kit .

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 1/32 Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 48 Inches
    Total Volume: 29.5 cu ft
    Refrigerator Section: 18.64 cu. ft.
    Freezer Section: 10.86 cu. ft.


  • This is a very high quality refrigerator and at the top of the market – being one of the Professional (PRO) style refrigerators. It is well above average in style, sophisticated Good Looks, Energy Efficiency and Performance. Even most customers ‘Cons’ are linked with the efficient quality of this refrigerator.
  • This is a very energy efficient model and with Energy Star status and designed in many ways to be save energy – making savings of up to 20% on your running costs.
  • the interior is very generous for storage – being almost 30 cu ft in capacity
  • The door remains open when desired but is beautifully designed to gently glide shut with a strong seal by itself, ensuring that the doors are not left ajar by mistake nor that there is no energy loss
  • The MOTOR is situated at the top of the refrigerator which is a good advantage - as heat rises it moves away from the cabinet and not into it with motors that are at the bottom.


  • The ICE-MAKER is almost too efficient as it produces such quantities of ice and decants a little too much when filling a container or goblet.
  • People have been disappointed that the installation of the unit was not included in the price – and being very heavy, has caused some problems for some customers.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • stunning good looks
  • energy saving and energy efficient Energy Star
  • very quiet
  • shuts like c dream
  • excellent seal when closed
  • very impressive in looks and in performance
  • great quality and reasonable price
  • big and beautiful unit
  • very well designed and well built
  • easy to organize freezer drawers
  • motor is on the top
  • accurate temperature settings
  • door shut on own and stay open when required

  • ice maker it too generous with quantities of ice! It’s too efficient
  • door spring is a bit too powerful
  • price did not include the installation
  • very heavy to deliver and set up

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    Nov 01, 2012
    just junk
    by: Jim Pickhardt

    I have had nothing but problems with this piece of expensive garbage. Now, as I write, the freezer is not cooling and the temp went from =2 to 34 degrees. I have a tech coming out again in the afternoon tomorrow. Before it was the ice maker that needed replacement and this is less than 18 months old. I have an old chest freezer in the garage that runs and runs and runs. It is more than 15 years old. NEVER NEVER NEVER WILL I PURCHASE A KENMORE OR ANYTHING FROM SEARS.

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