Kitchen Aid KBLC36FTS 36" "Architect Series II" Stainless Steel Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Glass-Touch Electronic Controls : Automatic Ice Maker

Glass-Touch Electronic Controls : Automatic Ice Maker

The KBLC36FTS is an Energy Star Qualified bottom mount unit that comes loaded with a number of features for optimum food and beverage freshness. The unit is perfect for families who want a unit that has enough storage for but is not too bulky for a small kitchen. Features include the ExtendFresh Continuous Management system, the Dual Magna Seal Gasket and the Whisper Quiet Variable Capacity compressor.

    Interior Features

  • Food and beverages are kept safe by a number of features that include the ExtendFresh Continuous Temperature Management system, the on demand pulsed defrost system and the Dual Magna Seal gasket system.
  • The ExtendFresh Continuous Temperature Management system works with multiple temperature sensors to manage the interior temperature and adjusts them accordingly without changing the temperatures in other compartments. This way you store food items in the ideal storage temperatures specific for them. This is topped off by the Dual Magna Seal Gasket System which seals in the cool air inside.

  • Preserve the natural taste and texture of fresh food with the On Demand Pulsed Defrost System which preserves the taste of frozen food.
  • Storage options are well-laid out to reduce clutter inside the compartments. You have the option of storing your food in bins, baskets and in the clear shelving.
  • The ClearVue SatinGlide Ice storage drawer, SatinGlide Freezer drawer and the adjustable SatinGlide refrigerator pans uses the ball bearing system to make removal of items easy and quiet.

      Exterior Features

  • The unit sports a stainless steel exterior panel that gives it that modern and stylish look. The sculpted Architect Series II handles for the upper and bottom doors top off the elegant design.
  • Black bottom grills provide adequate ventilation as well as a sturdy base support.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 27 7/8 inches
    Height: 83 1/8 inches
    Width: 36 1/4 inches
    Total Volume: 20.5 cu. ft.


  • The bottom mount design saves more power compared to any other design of refrigerator out there. This is because the freezer is near the compressor, which circulates the cooling fluid around the whole unit. The refrigerator needs less power if the freezer is located closer to the compressor.
  • The design also means that you have the foods and beverages you would want for most parts of the day, while keeping frozen foods tucked away in the bottom compartment.
  • The design also means that you can now put vegetables and fruits at eye level. In top mount refrigerators, the veggie crispers are usually placed at the bottom where they can easily be forgotten. By placing the freezer at the bottom you move the vegetables up to the fresh foods compartment where you can easily see them everyday.


  • The design may not be suited for those who have back problems or those who cannot bend over. It also does not offer as much storage space as top mount freezers.
  • People who will need frequent access to stored frozen food will find all the bending and kneeling to get to the stored items quite a hassle, so this design may not be the right choice for them.
  • The KBLC36FTS costs more than a top mount.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • saves more power
  • keeps fresh food at eye level

  • less freezer space
  • costs more than a top mount
  • not good for people who need frequent access to stored frozen items

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