Kitchen Aid KBLS22KWMS Architect Series II Stainless Freestanding Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator 21.9 cu. ft.

ENERGY STAR® - FreshSeal™ : FreshChill™ and Max Cool

ENERGY STAR® - FreshSeal™ : FreshChill™ and Max Cool

The KBLS22KWMS is another model from the Architect Series II line of refrigerators from Kitchen Aid. Despite being a bit SMALLER in capacity at 21.9 cu. ft. compared to the other models of the Architect Series II line, this model still boasts of a lot of features that puts it at par with the rest. With the bottom freezer design, this refrigerator has other features like SpillClean Glass Shelves, Max Cool, FreshSeal Humidity-Controlled Crispers, and Digital Controls. The model is only available in Monochromatic Stainless Steel with a door at the left hinge.

    Interior Features

  • The FREEZER contains 2 Baskets that can be PULLED Out. This will allow you to really see the entire contents of the basket, not just blindly feeling the deeper end of the freezer cavity like what everyone is used to doing with a full freezer. This also allows for EASY CLEANING, not to mention EASY ACCESS to things at the back portion. No more need to unload the contents in the front portion first if you want to get the things at the back portion.
  • The BINS are patented with ClearVue design technology which allows you to See The Contents of the bins from the outside. No frost or haze!
  • Fruits and vegetables and also KEPT FRESH with the Kitchen Aid exclusive FreshSeal humidity-controlled crispers which helps RETAIN HUMIDITY.
  • The DELI LOCKER has FreshChill technology, EXCLUSIVE to Kitchen Aid fridges. This allows deli items to be kept at appropriate temperatures for texture and taste to stay fresh.

      Exterior Features

  • The monochromatic stainless steel finish of the fridge makes it look industrial yet sleek and classy. The Contoured Door is hinged on the left side of the fridge.
  • The freezer is designed to be at the bottom portion of the fridge, making it look different yet convenient. There is no need to reach far and high just to get the contents of the freezer. Its location and the RETRACTABLE SHELVES make it easy to take out the contents.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 33 3/8 inches
    Height: 69 15/16 inches
    Width: 32 5/8 inches
    Total volume: 21.9 cubic feet


  • With its ENERGY STAR qualification, you can be assured of HIGH PERFORMANCE with efficiency in resource use. This model by Kitchen Aid does not only meet current ENERGY STAR qualifications, it exceeds minimum efficiency standards set by the Energy Department by at least 15%.
  • The FreshChill Temperature Management System, FreshChill Temperature-Controlled Deli Locker and FreshSeal Humidity-Controlled Crispers keep temperatures in this model conducive to the items stores to maintain their freshness.
  • The FOUR Shelves in the fridge and TWO PULL-OUT Freezer Baskets provides LOTS OF SPACE for anything you want to put in the fridge, not to mention convenience in getting them and in cleaning, too.
  • The Max Cool feature of the fridge helps keep the TEMPERATURES of both the refrigerator and freezer cool even during times of excessive use. No overheating for this unit.


  • This model only comes in one color: monochromatic stainless steel, which although is a flexible color, does not really offer other options for precise color matching, unlike models that are available in neutral balack or white.
  • For its 21.9 cubic feet capacity, it is actually pricier than other models with bigger capacities.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact unit
  • energy efficient
  • equipped with additional features

  • available in one color only
  • pricey unit

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