Kitchen Aid KSSO42QTX 23.3 cu ft Built-In (42" Architect Series II) Side by Side Dispensing Refrigerator

  ExtendFresh™ Plus Temp. Management System : Integrated Electronic Dispenser

ExtendFresh™ Plus Temp. Management System : Integrated Electronic Dispenser

The KSSO42QTX is a built in side by side refrigerator that comes with an impressive set of features such as the ExtendFresh Plus Temperature Management System which come with DUAL CONTROL SENSORS, a built in Water Dispenser and a lot of shelving and storage options.

    Interior Features

  • Enjoy ADVANCED Water Dispensing with the Advanced Dispenser which flows twice the amount of water as previous models. This works together with the PuR PushButton Water Filter which gives you clear and pure water without having to utilize space for water bottles.

  • Foam in place insulation is used to seal in the doors and the cabinets which adds strength and durability to the fridge and freezer doors.
  • Storage options include Shelving, Bins and paçns. These include the FreshChill Temperature controlled MEAT Pan, ClearVue Slide n' Lock door storage, and SatinGlide Freezer Baskets as well as the Adjustable SpillClean Glass shelving which contains spills in one area of the shelf.
  • The SatinGlide freezer baskets work with ROLLER BALL bearings to facilitate the smooth movement of the baskets and pans without any obstruction or sound.
  • The FreshSeal DAIRY compartment is another storage compartment located on top of the refrigerator that is closed by a framed hingeless door with a four sided gasket that is magnetically sealed to ensure freshness.
  • Enjoy ice on the go with the Factory Installed ICE MAKER using the clear water filtered with the AquaSense Ice Filtration system.

      Exterior Features

  • The light wood custom panel looks of the KSSO42QTX comfortably traditional, with only the stainless steel handles the sole hint of the modern innovations that hide inside.
  • The unit comes with a black base grill that provides a solid base support in black and keeps the bottom portion of the unit free from moisture and dirt.
  • This KitchenAid refrigerator is aldo available in with Black-Trim Panel (KSSO42QTB)

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 25 3/8 inches
    Height: 83 3/8 inches
    Width: 42 1/4 inches
    Total capacity: 25.3 Cu. Ft.


  • The unit comes with added features like a water dispenser and ice maker which means you get ice when ever you need it and you eliminate the need for water bottles.
  • The LARGE Capacity of this model gives you a lot of space for food and beverages. The PRACTICAL Shelving options also help a lot with organization.
  • The unit's side by side design is an advantage when you have a crowded kitchen. The NARROWER doors do not need a lot of clearance.


  • The LARGE size of the unit means that it eats up a lot of power.
  • The BULKY frame does not make this unit suitable for small kitchens.
  • The unit tends to be NOISY when the water dispenser is on.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • ice and water dispenser eliminates the need for ice trays and water containers, freeing up more space
  • large capacity for a lot of food and beverages
  • narrower doors do not need a lot of clearance

  • eats up a lot of power due to its large size and added features
  • bulky frame does not make this suitable for small kitchens
  • unit tends to be noisy when the dispenser is on

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