KitchenAid KSRS25RVMK 25.4 cu ft Stainless Side by Side Refrigerator Architect Series II

 Energy Star : SatinGlide Drawers : FreshSeal Management

Energy Star : SatinGlide Drawers : FreshSeal Management

The KSRS25RVMK is another model of the Architect Series II line of Kitchen Aid refrigerators. With its 25.4 cubic feet capacity, this side by side refrigerator with CANTILEVER Spill-Proof Shelves has one of the BIGGEST CAPACITIES available in the Architect Series II line. Other features of this model include a HUMIDITY-Controlled Crisper and an ETERNAL Dispenser for ice and water with PuR Filtration. This model is available in a monochromatic stainless cabinet finish with two doors that open in the middle. Other colors and design variations for this model are also available.

    Interior Features

  • The INTERIOR cavities of both the fridge and the freezer make for a Lot Of Room for anything to be placed inside.
  • The refrigerator compartment has a 15.3 cubic feet capacity while the freezer has a volume of 10.1 cubic feet, totaling to 25.4 cubic feet, one of the LARGEST VOLUME CAPACITIES of the Architect Series II line of refrigerators.

  • The shelving both in the fridge and crisper compartments are designed for the UTMOST CONVENIENCE of the user.
  • The FOUR Shelves in the fridge compartment and the TWO Wire Freezer Baskets all slide out for the items in the inner portion of the shelves to be easily reached.
  • The crisper and locker are equipped with the SatinGlide feature that makes them slide out without noise or difficulty. The FreshSeal deli locker makes sure that the contents in the compartment are kept in the IDEAL TEMPERATURE for them to be fresh all the time.

      Exterior Features

  • The exterior components of the fridge are a great balance between DESIGN and CONVENIENCE for the user.
  • The door styling is flat and non-textured for that industrial and vintage look.
  • The Architect Series II Handle is ERGONOMIC as it is sleek. The formed door also gives more CHARACTER to the entire fridge. The hidden door hinges are an added design touch that is makes the fridge look very elegant.
  • The ice and water dispensing system have an exterior component, as the dispensers are located on the left portion of the unit. No need to open the fridge to get essential water and ice!

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 33 inches
    Height: 69 inches
    Width: 35 inches
    Total volume: 25.4 cubic feet


  • The ExtendFresh Temperature Management System assures you that even if the whole unit is stuffed with items, temperature is kept for the all items to stay fresh. A FAN is triggered should there be changes in temperatures, which are identified immediately through DUAL SENSORS. Cold air from the freezer is funneled into the fresh food compartment, with the freezer temperature unaffected.
  • The AquaSense In-Door-Ice Dispensing System spells CONVENIENCE when securing ice. No need to be awkward when refilling blenders or ice buckets.
  • The PuR Filtration System makes sure you get SAFE DRINKING WATER from the fridge.
  • The Clear GALLON Door Bins allows you to see the contents inside, so there is no need to open just to see contents.
  • With the unit 2008 Energy Star qualified, there is no doubt you'll be Saving On Energy while having all the benefits of the fridge is features.
  • This model is also available in black and white.


  • This unit is one of the most expensive models in any Kitchen Aid line of refrigerators.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • huge capacity
  • energy efficient
  • equipped with additional features
  • available color options

  • very expensive unit

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