LG French Door Refrigerator Model # LFD22860ST

by Jan Desmarais
(San Ramon, CA)

First, the door connector in the middle-front (between the two french doors)broke off almost immediately! Cheap quality! You would have to constantly check the doors, and close either one or both all of the time! Then,at about one year old, we smelled a toxic plastic smell, and realized the two 60 watt bulbs on the top inside stay on for hours with the door closed, melting the light unit and plastic cover, along with the food! Defective unit causing the lights to remain on for hours cooking the food, and melting all of the butter in the plastic holder on the side! Fire hazard! Current class action lawsuits against LG apparently trying to cover up their defective refrigerators. Check online for hundreds of reports from consumers' nightmare with their LG refrigerators! I will never buy an LG product again! We were lucky, we were home and caught it in time, before it caused a house fire! Now, we have to use a flashlight to see inside. Go online to see pictures of others with the same issue!

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