LG Intellocool Refrigerator

This is a compact machine in its size and shape. it is available in different capacities. It has various types of trays and freezer to use. Enough space is available to keep all the material inside.

It has a inbuilt stabilizer which can stabilize the current. the customer service is better in this product. the cost for maintenance is less. It is available in different colors.

The cooling can be adjusted from level 1 to 5. Along with the machine they will give egg tray, ice cube tray.

- Because of service only people buy LG products.
- Spares are available at any time.good response.

- No buy back value while comparing to other brands which is most famous.
- Costlier when compared to other brands because of their brand name.

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Oct 27, 2015
bestsdissertation NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a very nice machine specially the design of this refrigerator is awesome. They tried their best to make it super refrigerator and i appreciate papers writing service and their effort.

Oct 25, 2013
Life is Miserable NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Im a LG intellocool owner from GOA and I had Complained to all the LG sources about a water leak since 19th of this month but I havent managed to get their technician yet otherwise the diplomacy is not questionable ,have got my complain number through sms and had a door replacement within the warranty period but the present rubber has been unmagnetic eversince but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed as my life couldnt be better or best, only good.

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