LG LBN22515SB Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (22 cu.ft. capacity)

I am incredibly disappointed with my LG refrigerator. I paid $1900 for it thinking it was a high quality, high end appliance.

It has operated well but all kinds of little things have failed. EVERY shelf support has failed, from small cracks to outright shattering of the shelf support.

Replacement parts are difficult to find ,and when you do find them they are over the moon expensive. Repeated calls to LG headquarters have yielded nothing as I was 6(!) days out of warranty when I first noticed the problems. They offered no assistance even when I told them that I would be willing to pay for the replacement parts as long as the could provide me with an authorized repair center in my area.

The Best Buy where I had purchased it also was not helpful. I was pleased with the look and operation of my refrigerator at first but after the discovery of all the problems my opinions have soured. I had believed the imagery and claims of both their print and television advertising.

I subscribe to ‘Food and Wine ‘ magazine and had bought the image of their corporation. After dealing with their corporate run around and overall unwillingness to help, I will NEVER buy an LG product again and will never recommend them to anyone. I will probably go back to the homey American products which served my parents and grandparents so well.

Or have they too, fallen away from the customer service and the backing of their products which brought them to prominence in the first place. If you buy an LG… good luck!

It is a shame that a company will invest so much in creating an image but will invest virtually nothing in the customers that have shelled out their hard earned dollars to purchase their product.

- Appearance

- Replacement parts are difficult to find
- Poor shelf support

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Nov 01, 2012
Save your money for a good lawyer.
by: RippedOff

Worst fridge I ever owned. Repair cost would exceed cost of new fridge.
LG spends money on sucking you into buying then totally ignores you. They actually challenge you to sue them.
Cheaper to to take blood pressure medicine and buy an American product.(which I did)
Amazingly the reviews before I bought it were glowing and all 5 stars. They must pay people to write fantastic reviews, because I did not experience any goodness from my association with LG and their product. Never Again...

May 12, 2011
shelves are terrible
by: Mark R Grant

The crisper top fell apart, The shelves cracked with in the first year and I got no support from the factory whatas so ever. This company doesn't seem to focus on customers and really doesn't care beyond selling that frigidaire.

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