*LG (LRFD25850) French-Door Dispenser Refrigerator (25 cu.ft.)

This LG refrigerator is a three-door model. There are two side-by-side refrigerator doors above a tilt-out, pull-out freezer drawer at the bottom.

This unit has an all-stainless steel front, doors and handles included. The in-door water dispenser is made of plastic in a matching stainless steel appearance.

The sides of the refrigerator are painted in gloss enamel black. This unit features 25.0 cubic feet of total capacity, of which 17.7 is used for refrigeration and 7.3 is used for the freezer section. It measures just under 32 inches deep, so it may protrude beyond cabinet depth in some homes. It also measures just under 70 inches in height.

The front water dispenser also contains a control panel with digital LED display that allows controlling freezer and refrigerator temperature, engaging an express freeze mode, checking/resetting water filter status and locking out controls to prevent child tampering.

The display indicates separate refrigerator and freezer temperatures as well as ambient room temperature. The freezer temperature can be controlled from -6 to 8 degrees and the freezer can be controlled from 32 to 47 degrees.

The front water dispenser has a very small tray, preventing you from resting a cup during filling. This is especially annoying because the water fills more slowly than previous refrigerators I’ve owned or used.

Additionally, the latch to start water flow is engaged by pressing upward with the lip of the cup, so cups with wide brims may not work.

I’ve experienced a few times when that latch sticks, causing water to pour onto the floor after you remove the cup. A finger or knife easily un-sticks the latch. This happens only rarely, though it shouldn’t happen at all in a refrigerator in this price range.

Inside, the refrigerator contains a brightly lit space, illuminated by two overhead lights with glass shelves aiding see-through to the shelf below.

There are two crisper drawers that each occupy half the width of the unit. These sit directly above one large drawer that occupies the full width of the unit. This is especially handy for very large items that would not ordinarily fit in a side-by-side refrigerator.

Below, the freezer contains a large pullout tub, a pullout ice maker tray and a small pullout basket. Capacity is very good, with a large open space that allows flexible loading of various-sized items.

The unit operates in near total silence, even when the compressor is running. It is Energy Star rated.

- Flexible three-door design.
- Stylish stainless steel exterior looks upscale in your kitchen.

- No ice dispenser in door.
- Water dispenser not as good as competitors.

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Dec 24, 2010
Could be better.
by: Paul

I have owned this unit for about 4 years and I have 3 issues with this frig. The biggest problem I seem to have with it is about 1 or 2 times a year the defrost drain freezes up and water runs into the freezer compartment during the defrost cycle. This eventually freezes up the entire unit and it has to be shut off until it thaws. It's a hassle.

A minor issue is the water despenser in the door will stick every now and then and you have to unstick it with your hand.

My ice maker does not work correctly. The ice limit bar that shuts off the ice making when the bin gets full does not work, unit will over fill and that in turn causes water to run into the ice bin spoiling your load of ice.

This was an expensive frig and should not have these problems.

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