LG model LMX25988ST

by Jim
(Regina SK.)

What a waist of good money !!!!

We bought one because it looked good , had lots of room for what we needed, little pricey but it had all the features you could want . It got delivered dented so they told us we could keep this one and another would be reordered , that was a good thing.
After my wife took all the tapes and packing protection off of it she noticed that the seals around the doors where not all the way to the corners , the doors didn't seal at all , one of the shelves was damaged - almost broken, they are very flimsy.
We went back to Home Depot and told them they could have the fn thing back cuz it wasn't worth the paper the bill was printed on , they did give us our money back there and then . As of 4 days later they haven't picked it up and we have noticed that it is so noisy and runs more than it should . The doors don't close properly any more - so glad we got our money back.

Regina Jim

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