LG Top Freezer LTC22351SS EasySteel™ FinishTop-Mount-Freezer-Refrigerator 22.1-cubic-ft.

Factory-Installed Ice Maker

Factory-Installed Ice Maker

Get the best from a traditional refrigerator design with the LG Top Freezer LTC22351SS. It offers 22.1 cubic feet of space and comes in stainless steel finish.

The refrigerator is both stylish and functional with its contoured doors and hidden hinges. It has all the basic features needed to keep frozen treats, fresh produce, beverages, and other food stuff fresh and in good condition.

    Interior Features

  • Help save the environment with the built-in ice maker and water filter that eliminates the need for plastic water bottles.
  • The top freezer allows the user easy access to frozen goods without the hassle of bending and pulling out bins.
  • The machine has a LoDecibel feature that ensures that the machine does not produce too much sound or noise.
  • The crisper has humidity control features that allow the user to be able to control conditions in order to make fresh produce last longer.
  • This top freezer refrigerator comes with adequate lighting that makes everything inside the refrigerator visible.

      Exterior Features

  • This top freezer refrigerator has an elegant design that incorporates a contoured door and hidden hinges in order for it to blend with the existing design of your kitchen.
  • The outer finish of this refrigerator is finger print- and smudge-resistant, giving you an easy to wipe refrigerator that does not entail much cleaning.
  • This LG top freezer model has transparent shelves and bins that allow the user to see the products inside the refrigerator immediately. You will not have to spend so much time looking for what you need inside the refrigerator.
  • This top freezer refrigerator has spacious door baskets that can even hold milk gallons and other beverage containers.
  • The covering of the machine is metal, which is durable and protects the interior against dust and rust.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 3/4 in.
    Height:67 1/2 in.
    Width: 32 7/8 in.
    Total volume: 22.1 cu. ft.


  • This refrigerator comes in stainless steel finish, which easily fits into any modern kitchen.
  • The shelves allow for proper organization of goods for a nice presentation.
  • The lighting features are adequate and well-integrated into the sophisticated design.
  • This refrigerator model keeps food fresh and provides enough storage space.
  • Unlike other refrigerator models, this one has spacious bins and door baskets to keep food stuff.


  • The refrigerator may be a costly appliance since it is not Energy Star-compliant.
  • The refrigerator is taller than the regular refrigerator unit and may be a problem in installing the unit in the kitchen.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • quick freeze option a good feature
  • style and design are elegant to look at
  • comes in stainless steel finish
  • works well in keeping foods and drinks fresh and easily accessible
  • has spacious storage bins

  • no Energy Star compliance may translate to increased electric bills
  • dimensions of the refrigerator do not conform to the usual refrigerator sizes and may pose a problem in installation

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Good quiet fridge- but it lacks Energy Star compliance
    by: Anonymous

    I am going to give you a list of ADVANTAGES of the LTC22351SS and some DISADVANTAGES

    The unit comes with a flushed metal cover over the mechanical parts to protect the parts from water and rust. The elegant design seen in the hidden hinges and the contoured doors makes this unit the perfect choice for an upscale kitchen.

    The unit also comes in other color options, giving home owners more choices for colors to fit the specific design and decor of the room.

    The added capacity due to the changes in shelving designs means that you can fit more items inside the fridge without any problems.

    The model also comes with bright interior lighting that makes looking for items inside hassle-free.

    One of the main disadvantages of this unit is that it does not have the Energy Star seal. This means that although the unit is still energy efficient the power savings are less than compared to units with the seal.
    The size of the unit could be another disadvantage. The unit is relatively tall and large so this may not be the most suitable model for those with limited kitchen space for a tall fridge.

    Sep 10, 2010
    Good quiet reliable fridge
    by: Anonymous

    The LG Top Freezer Refrigerator LTC22351SS is a traditional fridge model that is known for its fusion of practical features and stylish design.

    This model comes with LG's exterior styling package that includes contoured doors and hidden hinge in an Easy steel finish. Like other LG models, it is energy efficient.

    Here are some of the Features
    * The exterior styling package includes hidden hinges and a smooth exterior finish that adds to the elegance of the unit.
    * The factory installed ice maker provides the convenience of filtered ice and eliminates the need for plastic water containers.
    * The model boasts of an Easy Steel finish that gives the unit the premium look of stainless steel that is fingerprint-smudge resistant.
    * The unit comes with a top mount freezer for easy access to freezed foods, which are conveniently at eye level with this model. The swing type design of the freezer door makes getting food in and out easy and convenient.
    * The LG LTC22351SS comes with the LoDecibel option to ensure that you get quiet operation throughout the day.
    * The LTC22351SS comes with 4 split shelves which are cantilevered and made of tempered glass. The bins are also made of clear material so you can easily see what ís inside. The refrigerator door also comes with extra options for shelving.
    * The crisper bins come with two humidity controlled options to keep fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh for longer.
    * The LTC22351SS comes with practical refrigerator lighting so that you won't have any problems reaching for items inside the interior compartments.
    * Temperature controls are easy to get used to and set. You can use the controls to set the temperature and to set ice making and defrost functions.
    * You get more storage options with the spacious door baskets which are perfect for storing gallons of milk and other beverages.

    * Flush metal cover protects mechanical parts
    * Stylish and elegant black finish
    * More color options

    * No Energy Star seal

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