Magic Chef Portable Silver Ice Maker (4 pounds of ice in 7 minutes) (MCIM22TS)

3 different ice cube sizes

3 different ice cube sizes

I got my Magic Chef Ice Maker a couple years ago. I decided to buy this machine after spending so much money when I have parties at my house.

I bought the machine when it was around 150 bucks which isn't a bad deal. I spend that after 3-4 parties I throw so I loved the price. The look of the machine looks kinda cheesy, which worried me at first. I was totally wrong which I was even better.

The controls are pretty straight forward which doesn't take a rocket scientist. It can sit on your counter if you have the space so you don't need to drill or cut anything to get it started.

This machine says that it can make 4 pounds of ice in about 7 minutes but its really around 9. It's still faster than ice cubes trays in the freezer so I find the time acceptable.

The only gripes I have with the machine is, I wish it came in black. I am okay with the gray for the price but I still would have liked black. Second is that even thou it is a portable model, 27 pounds is pretty heavy to be portable.

Also the drain is kind of a pain sometimes to open cause it gets stuck. Would I recommend it after saying all this about the machine. Yes, it's very good for the price and If you need lots of ice, this machine will do the trick Rating 4 of 5

  • It can makes lots of ice pretty fast.
  • You don't have to drill or cut to use this machine.

  • Limited to grey at the time
  • I wished it came in black
  • The drain plug can get annoying sometimes when it gets stuck. .

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