Manual Defrost Kenmore (19502) WHITE Chest Freezer 5.1 cu ft

Manual Defrost : Easy Clean Interior : Power Light

Manual Defrost : Easy Clean Interior : Power Light

The Kenmore (19502) is a compact, white chest freezer, fits FLUSH to the wall and has a 5.1 cu ft capacity. It comes with a Manual Defrost system and an Easy Clean Interior.
Temperatures can be easily adjusted to your requirement with the mechanical thermostat and Easy Roll Casters make it easy to move.

    Interior Features

  • This freezer is MANUAL DEFROST comes with an Easy to CLEAN INTERIOR, which helps when the unit needs to be periodically defrosted.
  • The easy to use mechanical adjustable THERMOSTAT is, allows you to set the temperature to your requirements.
  • There is ONE Removable Storage Basket, which allow you to keep the foods you want more frequently within easy reach, while allowing you to easily remove it to access frozen foods in the chest section.
  • EASY-ROLLING CASTERS are fitted to the base which makes it easier to move, should that be necessary.

      Exterior Features

  • This comes in a fresh white finish and has a flush back design, which takes up much les floor space.
  • The door has a Balanced hinge design and is fitted with a standard handle.


  • A number of customers found that this was an ideal size, but seemed to store so much more than an equivalent sized upright model.
  • It is useful having CASTERS on the base making is much easier to clean underneath should there be any spillages.
  • It is an advantage having a freezer that FITS FLUSH to the wall as it takes up so much less floor space.
  • Good to have a POWER LIGHT as this lets you know at a glance that the unit is working.
  • Having the controls on the exterior of the freezer is an advantage as it makes altering the temperature so much easier.


  • The wheels on this model are very small, making it difficult to move easily and as a result they can cause a lot of damage on cork or lino flooring.
  • This is not an Energy Star® model and so it does not have energy saving attributes.
  • Some customers would have preferred to have a large basket or more baskets.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact size
  • keep temperature well
  • nice storage basket
  • economical to run
  • fits flush to the wall
  • recommend
  • good price
  • good green power light
  • very efficient
  • runs quietly

  • wheels too small
  • wheels damage flooring
  • no auto defrost
  • small basket
  • no light

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    May 12, 2016
    Kenmore chest freezer mod.# 19502 NEW
    by: Anonymous

    MODEL19502 QUIT WORKING I lost all of the venison that I ground up this winter, all my sweet corn, fish,frozen pizzas PISS ME OFF! It was my second and last Kenless chest freezer.

    Sep 15, 2015
    great NEW
    by: jeniffer

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    Sep 10, 2015
    Freezer not working NEW
    by: Jane

    I purchased this freezer in October 2011, Never had any issues until today, we got home from vacation and discovered the green light is flashing and all the food is thawed. Not happy.
    I have received my rebate each year, no issues with that.

    May 23, 2015
    Replaced NEW
    by: Tammy B.

    My freezer is still working but has been replaced. I don't have time to defrost inches thick ice time is worth much more than that. This LEMON will be placed in my storage barn, unplugged, until I decide what to do with it. I cannot, in good conscience, sell this thing second hand to anyone. We may use it to defrost turkeys for Thanksgiving.

    May 23, 2015
    Fraudulent Business Practices NEW
    by: Pa. native

    As a person of mature age, I can remember the many decades that Sears and the Kenmore brand stood for quality, reliability, and excellent customer service. Well those days are long gone and while I sympathize with the struggles this company has endured in recent years trying to remain afloat and competitive, maybe it's time they now shutter their doors. Knowingly selling defective appliances over an extended period of time then adding insult to injury by selling extended warranties, not to mention expensive repair services with no real sustainable value are all fraudulent business practices. In short, any customer who purchased this freezer should have been issued a full refund with deepest apologies from the company president. All of the issues previously mentioned: high energy consumption, mold along top/gasket, high frost buildup, leaking, compressor failure, several hundred dollars in ruined meats etc after unit was less than 2 yrs old I have also experienced. How foolish Sears has been: by forever losing many if not most of the customers who purchased this unit, a full refund would have been a drop in the bucket compared to the losses they will suffer over time. I recommend each of us take the time to put a letter in writing to the company president (a documented record goes a long way) as well as file a complaint with the BBB. Then no longer shop there and let them know why. Yes, there absolutely should have been a class action suit. Corporations typically assume that Americans' level of resilience is high and our memories very short. Not true in my case. How about you?

    Dec 01, 2013
    Still working, but water and mold issues on seal NEW
    by: Daniel

    No major issues in 3+ years. I give the freezer 3.5 out of five points. I have been experiencing the condensation and minor mold build up around the seal that everyone else describes, but with regular maintenance/cleaning this has not been a huge issues. I find this same scenario in the three other refrigerators I use in this area. The freezer has started to get more ice and after reviewing the comments here i may be replacing it soon.

    The is not a scam I did receive an initial $30.46 rebate last year for prior electrical consumption, and will be requesting a second rebate for ongoing use in a few days.

    Oct 27, 2013
    VERY Disappointed in Sears/Kenmore NEW
    by: MaroonVoter

    We purchased this Kenmore 225 chest freezer on 9-5-2011. Freezer stopped running around 10-25-13. Glad we didn't have a lot of food in it. Green light was still on; we didn't even know it was not freezing.Do not take a chance buying this product. Wish we had seen this page before purchasing

    Aug 20, 2013
    by: chuck

    Bought this freezer same identical problem as others mentioned. Lost food in freezer. Done me in on Kenmore products. I'm through with these Chinese POS!! There should be a class action, of course then we would get 10 or 15 bucks while the ambulance chasers would pocket the rest.

    Jul 02, 2013
    Lost Contents Of freezer
    by: one pissed off customer

    This is the worst chest freezer that I have bought! Less than a year after buying this from Sears our power indicator light went out, while I was gone from the house working. Wife called and said that the freezer stopped working. I called Sears to get someone in to find the Issue and fix it. A week later and a freezer full of spoiled food the Technician comes and fixes the power light and identifies the problem as a faulty thermostat switch. wait another week to get the new part in. I purchased the extended (master agreement warranty from sears as the original one year warranty was about to run out. Now June 2, 2013. the power light starts flashing like the previous time. Again I call Sears to get a Technician back to fixes what was suspected as a bad thermostat switch again. The day before the technician was to arrive Sears calls and say that he can not make it and rescheduled it for June 22nd. Technician arrived and fixed the power light. And stated that the thermostat switch was fine but he would order the part. Part arrived the technician arrived back at the house but he decides not to install it. one week later after vacation we come home and the freezer stopped working again. I will never buy a kenmore chest freezer again nor will I buy anything from Sears again.

    Jun 13, 2013
    did it myself
    by: ike

    Had same problem fixed it myself in half hour

    Jun 13, 2013
    Sears hates you..and their products are junk
    by: Anonymous

    I too purchased the 19502 and almost exactly 2 years to the day the compressor died. I contacted Sears Home Repair and they were delighted to book me for service(knowing exactly what model I had, all the problems it had, and that the unit was out of warranty.) The repair tech took one look at it and said Sears doesn't sell these anymore. We don't fix them on warranty - we replace with a different model. If you want me to fix it out of warranty, it will cost $400 (I paid around $140?) No? OK, that will be $130 for the service. I am now fighting with Sears to waive the fee but they won't take any responsibility for their errors and horrible products. I too am one that always thought you could depend on Sears products. PEOPLE...SEARS IS OUT TO SCREW YOU AND THEIR PRODUCTS NO LONGER ARE OF ANY QUALITY. GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

    Feb 24, 2013
    by: Cassie

    Piece of junk. Bought it and it stopped working right after the warranty went out lost a ton of expensive food, sears offers NOTHING!

    Feb 07, 2013
    No good freezer
    by: Aretha Phillips

    I purchased my Kenmore freezer model #19502 7/14/2011. I received a letter stating that DOE determined that this Kenmore brand compact freezer did not comply with applicable federal energy conservation standards. The letter also stated that the owner may be entitled to a cash payment from Midea for past energy usage and cash payments fro future energy usage. I completed the form and returned it the very same day and I have not heard anything from Media or Sears. This is a simple rip off. I will not purchase anything else from Sears. If anyone knows what I should do next, please e-mail me at These big companies should be made to pay their consumers when they are wronged. I am pissed. I worked hard for my money.

    Jan 30, 2013
    Is it a scam letter or what?
    by: Anonymous

    A letter was sent to me about the product that I will be given a cash payment because it consume a lot of electricity. Is over four month now I did not hear from them, this is stupid and I tried to call the Midea company that distributed it to Sears but I could not get through. This is annoying and a lot of people said something bad about the product, take it out of all the store.

    Jan 18, 2013
    Cheap second rate appliances
    by: Anonymous

    Sears sure has changed,it is too bad they will soon be out of business due to the shortcuts it has taken! I also bought this freezer, I will make a trip to Sears today! I purchased a new washer and dryer from sears a few years back, after a couple of months I noticed rust around the top of the washer, I called Sears, they informed me rust is not covered!

    Dec 05, 2012
    Your product (Kenmore Freezer) SUCKS.
    by: Lgreer

    I bought this freezer last summer. I am now having issues with finding water around the lid, and mold on the seal. I received a energy rebate form told to go to their site and CAN'T find the link anywhere to supply the information. Way to go Sears! You rate right up there with all the other manufactures that took their product to CHINA to make more money from a useless product, not to mention from a country that does not care about their people or ours, including animals. Sears you suck! You used to make a great product here in the USA. No wonder your going under

    Dec 05, 2012
    Burned By The Freezer
    by: Anonymous

    I purchased this freezer 02/2011 and I went to get a package of meat from it and found out all of my meat was unthawed and spoiled.
    I went to Sears just after it happened and was told that the freezer had no problems, I was just sold a lemon.

    Dec 05, 2012
    DON"T BUY This Freezer
    by: Anonymous

    Our issue with the Kenmore 5 Cubic Foot freezer we purchased from Sears on August 5, 2011 is as follows:
    1. The freezer broke approximately one month out of Sear’s warranty. When we started looking into this, we found dozens of complaints about this exact same thing happening to other people. Given the number of complaints, Sears must have known these freezers were defective and continued selling them.
    2. If there is a short power outage (less than 3 minutes) the freezer does not shut back on, but the power light (indicating that it is working) is on. So there is no way for one to know that the freezer is not running until you discover spoiled or defrosted food. We did not realize the freezer was not running for several days, resulting in a loss of food. We have owned several freezers over the years and never had one that did this--we consider it a major design flaw. Again, we found several complaints about the same thing happening to others.
    3. Sears was notified by the DOE that this freezer was not in compliance. They were told to stop selling them and to notify all purchasers that the freezer was not in compliance. We were never notified. They stopped selling this freezer shortly after we purchased ours. Had we know it was not in compliance, we would have returned it well within the warranty period.

    When we called Sears to complain, they offered us a $50 Sears Gift Card. When we cited the above and said we wanted a refund because the freezer is defective, they offered us a $100 Sears Gift Card.

    Purchasers of this freezer are entitled to an energy rebate check because of the non compliance. Since we never received the letter, we have no reference number. We called the number we were given several times, were put on hold each time and ultimately disconnected. Another call to Sears resulted in getting the same number and 'sorry, there is nothing more we can do'.

    This is the LAST business we will be doing with Sears.

    Dec 04, 2012
    energy claim rebate
    by: Ninette Frazier

    I received a letter on Sept, 28, 2012. about my kenmore freezer model #19502, the letter stated that the freezer uses "greater energy than indicated on the label" and that Sears and Midea are taking proactive steps to addrss this situation. the letter also stated that i may be entitled to a cash payment for past energy usage and cash payments for future energy usage. where is the money?

    I mailed in the requested information with the form that was included with the letter. because the site that you gave in the letter does not provide any information on how to submit your information. I have yet to hear from anyone. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and the Consumer Board maybe i will get some information from one of these agency's.

    my recommendation to anyone who want to purchase any products from Sears, will be to go else where. I saw the increase in my electrical bill the first month after purchasing my freezer in May 10th 2010. I had no idea that this freezer was the cause, then i got this letter. I could not believe that sears would do this to their customers. I want to know where and when my refund will arrive.

    Nov 01, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    This product is junk. Bought the freezer 4-8-11. Compressor broke down 8-5-12.

    Nov 01, 2012
    Kenmore freezer mod 19502
    by: alan

    Do Not Buy One. The compressor circut has a shut off built into it that will not let the compressor start if you power blinks off for even a fraction of a second. On top of that it gives no warning that it is off so unless you check it every day it can defrost without you knowing it. We lost three freezer loads of food due to this really stupid feature.

    Nov 01, 2012
    Taken by what was once a good product
    by: James

    My model 19502/19702 chest freezer also went out just after the one year warranty was up. Sears Kenmore product are not what they use to be. I wish I had seen this site before I was taken by sears.

    Oct 27, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    Hello everyone i received my letter for rebate claim and i agree with other consumers that this was not a good purchase. My freezer went out like 2 days before my warranty was up and thats the only reason it was fixed by sears.But the hardest thing for me was to find the rebate form,because the link kept coming to this page but there was no link for rebate form.but if you go to kenmore enrgy claim rebate it wil have the form to fill out.

    Oct 19, 2012
    Don't BUY this Freezer
    by: Anonymous

    This freezer is a piece of junk - discovered 1 day after end of warrenty that all food was unthawed so it must have been out for days. Sears would not stand behind warranty since we hadn't called before 1 year. What a rip off - I don't expect this from Sears!! The person on the phone recommended not buying the same freezer??

    Oct 17, 2012
    Wow had a freezer for six 6 months.
    by: Anonymous

    brought 4/2012 brought to sell water ice from for the kids on my block 11/2012 the light remained on but when I opened to get a water ice all I had was six container of juice it all was melted lost alot of money and the kids were upset cause i had all the flavors.I wasted time and money having to pay some one to pick it up for me and the money I put in it by buying water ice 6 container money down the
    drain brand new used once.Save your money and time don't buy ( LEMON IS THE BEST WORLD FOR THE PIECE OF CRAP).

    Oct 17, 2012
    Mine went out and only 16 months old.
    by: Anonymous

    This is a lemon and should be recalled. I noticed water always around the top when I would open the lid. It did this from day one that I plugged it in the electrical outlet and with a very heavy duty cord.
    I purchased it May 30, 2011 and it died (or I noticed water dripping at the bottom) on October 14, 2012! I could not believe it and lost a lot of my food. Inside the bottom was full of water and only a few things in the middle was okay but only partially frozen.

    Yes, I do think I should be reimbursed for this lemon item!

    FDA needs to investigate and recall this freezer.

    Oct 16, 2012
    by: Anonymous


    Oct 15, 2012
    What's Up with the Drainage
    by: J.L.

    I'm so glad I decided to purchase the two year warranty for this freezer. I bought it 5/13/2011, and it stopped working 05/21/2012. There was a large pool of water draining from it and all the food and ice pops were thawed inside- had to be thrown out! I was told a technician could come out and when he did he said the freezer was on some kind of recall and gave me a number to call for a replacement. I really expected this to last a little longer than it did. My hopes are not high for its same brand different model replacement. I will make sure to renew the warranty.

    Oct 15, 2012
    piece of junk
    by: sarah

    I too have the water dripping. The first one we purchased did not even freeze took it back and several months later the water dripping. They shold remburse us.

    Oct 14, 2012
    What a Fool am I!
    by: Anonymous

    I too was ripped off. Two weeks out of warranty and it died. I passed this freezer everyday and saw the little green light shining brightly at me. I smiled back. It was filled with my gardens summer produce...I would spend very little on vegetables this winter! I also had a nice leg of lamb, soups I had made for the coming winter :) Then one day I noticed a strange rotting was coming from the freezer! And there was drainage just outside the drain cap. I opened the lid. I stood in shock. WHAT HAPPENED! I can't begin to explain the pain I felt then and still feel. There is no need to go into the rest of the story except to relate that in the end (after much distress I accepted the offer of a $65 discount on the repairman's trip out...and the final repair bill of more that than I originally paid for this freezer. He assured me that the part that he replaced was a common finding and I should have no further problems. It was repaired because I had decided that I did not want to throw this freezer in the dump...adding to the waste in our environment...that's why I am such a fool. KENMORE MUST RECALL THIS PRODUCT AND PROVIDE RESTITUTION TO THOSE OF US WHO CARED ENOUGH TO HAVE IT REPAIRED!

    Oct 13, 2012
    Little freezer that could not freeze
    by: Anonymous

    I purchased model 19502 5,1 freezer 3/21/2012 and it died 10/12/2012.
    I lost everything in it including 20 lbs of Bass filets that i was taking to a fish fry 10/20/2012.
    We received a notice from Kenmore saying we would get a rebate due to it using more electricity than what was advertised, we would get $15.00 for past usage and to reapply next year.
    The light was on but compressor was not running.
    They need to come out with two lights, one green for when the compressor is running and a red one for power to show power is on to freezer.
    I have a 21 year old Kenmore clothes dryer and was thinking of replacing it with a new Kenmore but now i will get another brand.
    Kenmore used to make good enough products that it did not need to sell insurance on extra years of guarantee. I gave $159.00 for it and the JUNK DEALER GAVE $3.00. Not a good investment for sure.

    Oct 13, 2012
    Double Trouble
    by: Donna

    Ipurchased the first one May,2011. Returned it 6/22/11 dut to a crooked lid & much condensation.

    Got another . Noticed small amout of moisture &dark mildew forming. There again I don't get into it daily. Irecently returned from vacation (1 week) to find all of my food completely thawed & the freezer light on & the inside was room temperature. Having it repaired will not be an option. I plan to return it & needless to say NOT get another.

    Oct 12, 2012
    Piece of Junk!!!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Bought this freezer 3/7/11, quit 9/10/12. Always had trouble with the lid. Went in one day and all my food was thawed, don't know how long because don't open every day. Always purchased Kenmore appliances before, but not anymore .

    Oct 12, 2012
    defrost it
    by: Bobbq

    Unfortunately the little freezer requires REGULARLY DEFROSTING for it to work well the ice builds up alot, but it has run well for 2years so far but with all the comments I'll keep my fingers crossed

    Oct 12, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    Approximately 16 months after I purchased my Sears Kenmore Chest Freezer the compressor wnet out. I lost all the food in the freezer. The light showed it was on, but it wasn't. The repairman told me it would cost more to repair than it was worth. Ice build up around the gasket the entire 16 months. I was very disappointed with this purchase, but Sears did prorate it and give me a discount on another freezer. I have had this freezer about 6 months and I just noticed ice is beginning to build up on this new freezer. If I had read these comments about this product I definitely would not have gotten another one.

    Oct 12, 2012
    by: JOYCE


    Oct 11, 2012
    Waste of money
    by: Anonymous

    I am a mother of four and lost all of my food. My freezer just went out. The light is blinking but it stopped working. This is the 2nd time this has happened. The first time it was covered under warranty but now my warranty has expired. I can not afford another one right now and I am out hundreds of dollars in food. I will never buy from sears again. They don't even last a year

    Oct 11, 2012
    love my kenmore freezer- have had no problems
    by: linda

    we bought our freezer in february 2011 and we haven't had a single problem with it. i have only had to defrost it twice and the only time it wasn't running the breaker in the receptacle went out. we have had no problems with it not coming right back on after any power outages, short or long. there has been no water accumalation around the lid or any water leakage from anywhere. it was an excellant price also and fits perfectly in the small space we had in our apartment.

    Oct 10, 2012
    Replace the compressor starter
    by: Anonymous

    like all the other owners of this piece of crap the compressor quit running at 21 months,The compressor starter was defective and my appliance guy replaced it for $45,He said the factory unit is desinged to fail so Sears can screw you into to the extended warranty on their desinged to fail products.The replacement part is only $20 dollars and a 5 min. job.The replacement starter will outlast the rest of this Chineese turd accordind to my freind

    Oct 06, 2012
    bitten twice from kenmore junk
    by: bob l

    we bought this freezer chest to save the food,when our two year old kenmore refridgerator died. now 14 month later this freezer chest died. Sears needs to just close and lock the doors

    Oct 03, 2012
    What A Lemon
    by: Tammy B.

    My model 19702 (6.9 cu ft) came with an ice scraper. (I first thought, what is this for? I would soon find out) The seal is terrible, ice/water builds up easily in the lip. I got a notice today (10/3/2012) via snail mail that there is an energy claim rebate program for this unit and for model 19502. After I registered, the notice at the bottom of the confirmation page said: "Please return to this website a year from now, no later than 365 days from current date. To claim the payment for your energy over consumption for next year." I'm getting $32.99 back for past energy usage and "These payments will be made to you every year over the course of the expected useful life of your freezer. You must visit this website each year to claim those payments." My question is, what is the "expected useful life" of my freezer? Here is the link to the website:

    Sep 17, 2012
    Do Not Buy Kenmore Products
    by: Walt

    Please add me to the long list of disappointed customers at Sears. Our Kenmore 5.1 cu.ft. (19502) Chest Freezer quit two weeks after the 1-year Warranty expired., August 29. 2011 to September 12, 2012. RIP! (Perhaps I can get a few dollars at a metal recycling facility for the remains.)
    Sears would not cut any slack regarding the Warranty, including the lost frozen food. Even if Sears had honored an additional few days for service, I would not have taken the offer for fear of repeat quality failure.
    Instead, I purchased a Frigidare Chest Freezer from an appliance store nearby and made sure the Frigidare was made in the USA.

    Aug 22, 2012
    broken after 17months
    by: Anonymous

    I bought this Kenmore chester freezer 17 months ago from Sears. The compressor died a few days ago. A piece of junk.

    Aug 07, 2012
    No longer a Sears customer.
    by: D.Figueroa

    I bought my Kemore freezer 4/8/11. The compressor got hot and quit yesterday 8/5/12. VERY UPSET! I had to go buy another freezer last night. I did not want to loose all the money in food too.

    Jul 28, 2012
    one year blues
    by: Anonymous

    Like several others we purchased the 19502 on 4/28/11. It died on 6/27/12. Apparently from other comments this is the norm. While it worked it was about what I expected. I will also never buy another Kenmore. I have been a 50+ year customer of Sears and a prior fan of their products

    Jul 27, 2012
    by: Ms. Walker

    This product broke down only had a little over a year, warranty no long, Sears want to charge me $65.00 just come out to my home and then additional charges. Do not buy this product just wasting your money. What happen to customer's satification.

    Jul 23, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    After a little over a year we have had nothing but problems with this freezer. Now it is not working at all. We are so disappointed in Sears for making this garbage. Do not buy. Also the motor was so hot it could have caused a fire!

    May 01, 2012
    stopped working
    by: Anonymous

    i also have been taken by sears and kenmore!!!!! i bought this freezer nov 2010 and it stopped working march 2012 4 months after the warranty. i also experience water around rim and heavy ice build up... i will never buy from sears again ! i called to ask questions as to the problem and was simply told that they could send a repair guy for 75.00.... they wouldnt stand by the product even thou it was only 90 days past warranty. Then want to charge me half the cost of what i paid for it new.....nothing but rip offs no matter where you look!!!!!!

    Apr 30, 2012
    Stop Working 1 Year and 1 Month From Purchase
    by: IndyGirl

    I bought the freezer on 3/20/2011. It stopped freezing 4/27/2012. I'm very disappointed and I would not recommend this freezer. The problem is with the compressor and/or relay. The compressor cost more than the freezer....

    Mar 25, 2012
    Freezer lasted just over a year
    by: T Mason

    Bought it on 10-08-10 today 03-25-12 - just like everyone else the freezer has died . Lossed a lot of meat that was stored in the freezer. It is no wonder Sears is on the brink of bankruptcy. Do not buy this product !!

    Feb 20, 2012
    Product failed in less than 6 months
    by: Anonymous

    Bought the freezer 5/2011. Compressor or starter failed by 10/2011.

    Prior to that, seal had icing issues.

    Very disappointed.

    Feb 18, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    I bought this freezer on Jan. 3rd,2011.
    It is Feb.18,2012. My freezer is not working
    At all. I beleive compressor motor has burned
    Up. Their is no reason on my part or contributed
    For this to happen. Stayed tuned will see how sears
    Back up their products.

    Jan 04, 2012
    by: Brenda

    Purchased freezer in July due to perfect size for my space in house. Returned two times and got new ones due to water around lip and it pouring out on floor when open lid. Today, Jan 3, 2012 had service come out as mold is forming around gasket due to water. He told me it was not being sold any longer. Sears is going to replace it with a Haier freezer-sold also at WalMart. I am not happy about that brand at all. I would rather have my money back and get the brand of my choice.

    Dec 08, 2011
    lid problem
    by: violet

    Too much build up of ice around the inner rim of the freezer. Also water is always dripping from lid. A technician from the store where I bought the freezer could not solve the problem. He claims that is how the freezer is supposed to work. This means I would have to clean this freezer every day. I have had a whirlpool for over 15 years and never experienced this problem.

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