Maytag Admiral Side by Side Refrigerator (18.6 cu.ft)

Approximately 14 years ago, my wife and I moved into our first home in Mobile, AL. We needed a refrigerator and purchased an inexpensive model branded as “Admiral”. The salesperson explained they were actually manufactured by one of the better known brands such as Maytag at that time, and I think Whirlpool now. We have been very pleased with the quality of this refrigerator.

During the 14 years we have owned it, we have never had the need for a repair. It has performed consistently, and really keeps the items very cold, even when we have gone without power for periods of time such as during a hurricane, a fairly common occurrence living on the Gulf Coast.

We have model RTCA 196B which includes the following features:
-18.6 cubic feet of space
-Fresh food volume of 12.9 cubic feet
-Freezer volume of 5.7 cubic feet
-Shelf area of 25.1 square feet
-Up front controls
-Adjustable, tempered glass shelves
-Humidity controlled crisper
-Reversible doors

The two best advantages have to be the unit’s reliability and cost.

It has certainly been reliable never needing a repair and it was one of the cheapest units available, as we didn’t have very much money at the time.

If there are any disadvantages, I would say its overall storage size. As our family has grown, the size is no longer sufficient.

Secondly, if you don’t monitor the temperatures closely, items in the crisper will freeze rather easily. For newly married couples or a small family, this unit is an excellent value and has been highly reliable for us. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this review.

- Reliability
- Cost

- Its overall storage size
- If you don’t monitor the temperatures closely, items in the crisper will freeze rather easily

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