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Maytag is one of the leading brands of freezers and other kitchen appliances. Long known for their varied refrigerators, Maytag, for a time, produced a series of Freezer.

However Maytag NO LONGER PRODUCES FREEZERS. It is possible that you may come across some discontinued Maytag being sold or second hand ones that are offered for sale. Though it is still is still possible to purchase a range of spare Maytag freezer parts and accessories, it is as well to know that the company have stopped the manufacture of Maytag freezer and are concentrating on their comb REFRIGERATOR - FREEZER units.

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Maytag MQF1656TEW02 
Within the first six months this freezer quit working! It took two months to get a service repair man out here ! I had to go through the BBB in order …

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Freezer Overview


Different Types of Maytag Freezers (Now DISCONTINUED)

Chest freezers

Maytag produced chest freezers in various capacities for different kinds of users. The chest freezers often incorporated ENERGY-SAVING food storage which helped lowers monthly bills as well.

Chest freezers from Maytag basically had the same features as other brands, but with additional features for added convenience such as the EvenFreeze FOOD PRESERVATION system, an interior LIGHT, removable BASKETS, and the RUST-RESISTANT interior lining.

Chest freezers from this brand usually had ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE controls that allow the users to select optimal coldness levels. Chest units were usually smaller so retrieval of stored items is not a problem.

Upright Freezers

Maytag offered a number of models and ranges of freezers with the upright design. The units often sported textured steel and come with frost-free features that defrosts automatically.

Maytag upright freezers were MORE EXPENSIVE compared to the chest versions but they offered more convenient access to stored items, being easier to clean, and having FROST-FREE FEATURES so manual defrosting was no longer necessary.

They generally had ADJUSTABLE LEGS. Upright freezers from this brand had more shelving and organization options for easier storage.

Popular Maytag Models and Main Features

Chest Freezers

One popular Maytag chest freezer is the MQC1557BEW chest freezer, which sports 15 cu. ft. capacity, Energy Star qualifications, a counterbalanced lid with a grip handle for easy opening, interior light with two removable baskets inside, as well as a textured steel cabinet. The unit also sports a lid that is resistant to dents and fingerprints. The contents of the freezer are also kept secured with the keypad locks. The covered drain allows for easy drainage when you are defrosting the unit.

Another popular chest freezer from Maytag is the MQC2257BEW, which sports 21.7 cu. ft. capacity, the Energy Star seal for energy efficiency, exterior mounted temperature controls, a counterbalanced lid with a grip handle for easy opening and closing of the unit, and the textured steel cabinet. It sports the EvenFreeze food preservation system for long-term food preservation and manual defrost with a drain hose adapter.

The Maytag MQC2257BEW is another popular freezer that comes with an energy-efficient, clean design but lacks a temperature alarm. It has the same basic white finish as the great majority of chest freezers that are in the Maytag line. It has a capacity of 21.7 cu. ft., which is not too small nor too large. For a medium-sized chest freezer, this unit is perfect.

Popular Upright Freezers

The MQU1654BEW sports 15.9 cu. ft. of storage space, the manual defrost system, adjustable upfront temperature control, which makes adjusting the temperature very easy, interior light, and the fast freeze setting. It comes with the UL Commercial rating, a metal sculpted handle, full width wire shelves, storage gate, an Energy star qualification, as well as a defrost drain. The unit comes with two front leveling legs, a textured-steel cabinet with contour doors and foamed door, which maximizes on energy savings. It also has the lock with key, which controls access to stored items. The unit is available in white.

Another popular unit is the Maytag MQU1656BEW, which has 15.6 cu. ft. of capacity, a unit that comes in a free-standing design, frost-free features, and temperature controls. It also has the Energy Star seal for more power savings. It comes with four storage shelves and a door lock. The Maytag MQU1656BEW has a smooth interior liner that is rust- and impact-resistant. It also sports fast freeze settings to cool down the contents easily.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Maytag offers units with GREAT FEATURES that are PRICED RIGHT.

  • QUIET OPERATION and BASIC FEATURES without the bells and whistles make Maytag one of the better brands in the market for those looking for PRACTICAL FUNCTIONALITY.

  • Maytag units are also made with a MODERN and SLEEK DESIGN.

  • The features such as the FAST FREEZE option and AUTO DEFROST modes add to the convenience of storing food.

  • With the ENERGY STAR ratings, the COST of operation is low, which is a major attraction to most users.


  • One of the main drawbacks to the Maytag freezer line is that most units only come in WHITE.

  • They also tend to generate a lot of NOISE.

  • Some users complain about the FIT of the FREEZER PARTS relative to each other. For example, the coils inside do not fit within their mounts, and the lower basket bail is not mounted square in the box.

  • Others complain about the EXTERNAL FINISH of the units, which are not as sleek as other models from other brands.

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