Maytag (MBF2256KEB) Bottom-Freezer FreshLock™ BLACK Refrigerator 22 cu ft

Energy Star® Quiet Series™ (also bisque and white)

Energy Star® Quiet Series™ (also bisque and white)

The Maytag Bottom Freezer MBF2256KEB is one of the more popular refrigerators of this brand, one that many consumers still continue looking for in appliance stores.

The location of the freezer, which is in the bottom, gives this fridge a novel appearance. But aside from its looks, its functional features and loaded pros have made a lot of owners who have bought this model very happy for a number of years.

    Main Key Features

  • The refrigerator features a patented Electronic Dual Cool system equipped with two thermostats, ensuring utmost freshness for the fridge's contents.
  • Maytag's MBF2256KEB boasts of the QuietSeries 200 sound package, which makes the fridge operate as quietly as possible.
  • For people who want their refrigerators spic and span all the time, the adjustable Spill-Catcher shelves contain edges that are sealed to hold spills, making cleanup fast and easy.
  • Crispers with Sealed FreshLock design have adjustable humidity controls that aid in keeping their contents fresher.
  • The freezer, aside from being in the bottom part of the fridge, also has a drawer with a SmoothClose track system, which closes and opens without hitch while having the capacity to hold up to 120 pounds of food.


  • This model became a favorite of many refrigerator owners primarily because of its unique and sleek design. A lot of owners owe the fridge's appeal to its glossy look. As for function, a lot of the design elements also contribute to their functionality.
  • A main example of this is the bottom freezer, which has a SmoothClose system, making it actually easy to operate according to owners' specifications. The freezer door rolls out smoothly once its outer door is shut.
  • Many customers also love the compartmentalized drawers for vegetables, fruits, and meat products. The main body also has smart-looking compartments for fridge mainstays such as a gallon of milk, condiments and 2-liter jugs for beverages.
  • Lastly, the top shelf of the main fridge pulls out, so you can easily see what you have put at the inner section of the shelf. With its energy-saving feature, this model is really a great investment for customers. It is easy to use and has all the necessary features needed to keep frozen goods, other food items, and beverages fresh and clean.


  • A number of customers, even though they have applauded the functionality of the shelves' design, are also a bit concerned about the shelves' sizes. So that the design elements of the drawers for fruits and other fresh goods can be executed and supported properly, the shelves have been shortened.
  • Other than that, there aren't really too many disadvantages to say about the MBF2256KEB.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • easy to use
  • energy-efficient
  • drawers and shelves slide off easily
  • features make the unit easily cleanable
  • unit works quietly
  • sleek and modern design
  • spacious drawers make up for shortened shelves

  • shelves are a bit shortened
  • some customers are not really used to having a fridge with the freezer at the bottom portion

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    Nov 01, 2012
    Maytag MBF2256KEB Refrigerator
    by: Jackie

    I purchased this refrigerator 5 years ago (NEW). The refrigerator was not defrosting the freezer compartment properly so the refrigerator area was not getting cold. The repairman said that it needed a new computer control board and it cost me $550.00 to fix!!!! I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH THE MAYTAG APPLIANCES!!!!(I had a Maytag dishwasher that fell apart after 3 years too) I would NEVER purchase another Maytag appliance! A refrigerator should last more than 5 years! Maytag should be ashamed to sell such garbage to the public! Oh and by the way, Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid are also owned by Maytag so DONT BUY ANY OF THESE APPLIANCES or you will be very sorry you did! :(

    Oct 20, 2011
    Bad Control boards
    by: Anonymous

    Mine is 3 years old and has quit working. Repairman thinks its the control board because he has seen 8 others like this gone out recently. Of course this is not covered for but one year. So now I will be spending a 3rd of the original cost to fix this. Bad choice!

    Nov 26, 2010
    by: Ron

    very unimpressed with the refigerator. bought new in 2006, last night (of course the day before Thanksgiving), almost four years to the date of purchase we realized that everything in the fridge went warm and everything in the freezer was defrosting. The appliance has been well cared for since date of purchase so negelct certainly isn't the issue here.

    Luckily I held onto my old fridge (19 years old this month) and stored everything there until i can get the Maytag repaired.

    Pitiful that a so-called "durable good", i.e., a refrigerator, needs a repair (presumably an expensive one, in that condesors for this model are pricing out in $225-$285 range, which of course doesn't include labor) after just four years of normal use.

    And get this - Maytag wants $30.00 to help trouble shoot my problems via online chat! No way-that's adding insult to injury.

    We bought a Maytag because they were supposed to be reliable. Well, that's proven not to be the case.

    Live and learn. Next time I vote with my wallet like I have done in the past and purchase products that may cost more but have an ironclad reputation and a better warranty.

    Oh, one other thing - I also vote with my voice by telling everyone i know to stay away from trouble like the Maytag brand fridge.

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