Maytag MBL2258XES Freestanding Stainless Steel Bottom-Freeser Refrigerator 15.6 Cu. Ft.

Energy Star® : EcoConserve Model : Spillproof Shelf

Energy Star® : EcoConserve Model : Spillproof Shelf

The Maytag MBL2258XES is a refrigerator that offers various features for the convenience of the consumers. This unit is ENERGY-STAR qualified. Among its best features is its Electronic Temperature controls, factory installed ICE MAKER, and Spill Catcher Glass Shelves.

    Interior Features

  • The unit has a SPACIOUS interior. It actually has the space that you need for gallons of juice and milk. The REFRIGERATOR also has GALLON Door Bins that are removable and Adjustable. With this door bins, you can easily clean the refrigerator.

  • The refrigerator is an Energy Star Qualified. This means that you can actually SAVE MONEY on your monthly electricity bills.
  • The refrigerator has a GLIDE OUT FREEZER DRAWER with Smooth-Close Drawer Track System. This feature allows you to easily store frozen food.
  • The Spill-Catch glass shelves of the unit makes it easy to clean. The shelves also have sealed edges that can help you contain spills.
  • The unit also has a factory installed ICE MAKER that allows you to make ice cubes the easy and efficient way.
  • The unit has AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS inside that allows you to manage the temperature of your appliance the easy way.

      Exterior Features

  • This Maytag refrigerator is available in just one color:- Stainless Steel (MBL2258XES)
  • The unit has a very ELEGANT design. The STAINLESS Steel exterior of the refrigerator makes it a great addition to a kitchen that is modern-inspired.
  • The unit also has a REVERSIBLE door swing. This allows you to open the refrigerator from either side. This also makes the setting up of the unit efficient.
  • The refrigerator is just of the right SIZE. So even if you have a small kitchen at home, this refrigerator would still be perfect.
  • The model offers highly convenient features that are worth checking out.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 33 3/8"
    Overall Height: 69 15/16"
    Height to Top of Cabinet: 68 1/2"
    Width: 32 5/8"
    Capacity 155.6 cu ft


  • The refrigerator is easy to clean. Its interior components are designed to facilitate the easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • You can really save money with this unit because it is an energy-saver one.
  • You can also make ice cubes the easy and efficient way through this refrigerator.
  • The unit is a great addition to your kitchen. It can lend a modern look to your kitchen.
  • The adjustable and flexible components of the unit make it a great household appliance.
  • The spill-proof shelves provide extra convenience.
  • Strongly built with highly durable materials, this model is sure to last for years.
  • Three door bins are included in this model.
  • The dairy center provides enough space for dairy products, and the deli drawer is made of a see-through material, making it easy for you to see your deli products.
  • The DIGITAL Temperature Control makes it easier for you to monitor the inside temperature of your refrigerator.


  • The unit is more EXPENSIVE compared to other units with almost the same features. This one actually costs almost $1000. There are actually many refrigerators out there that are offered for much lower prices than this one.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • adjustable and removable gallon bins
  • easy to clean components
  • automatic temperature controls
  • factory installed ice maker

  • more expensive than other units

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